Rajon Rondo is on a new team, a chance for him to show what he is truly made off. But this early, it appears the 35-year-old is already impressed and made it clear that he means business.

The Cavs have been performing well this season despite most not giving them much of a chance. Their backcourt has taken several hits with Collin Sexton and Ricky Rubio seeing an abrupt close to their 2021-22 season.

Rondo, someone who has won two NBA titles with the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, appears perfect to pick up from where Sexton and Rubio left off.

The four-time All-Star guard is also impressed with the no-nonsense attitude of J.B. Bickerstaff. Rondo also made it clear that he intends to buckle down to work and does not have time for bullsh*t.

Aware that his playing years may be coming to a close soon, Rondo knows that coaching is something that may be an option. Hence, he hopes to get something out of Bickerstaff in preparation for that time as well.

Compared to his stint with the Lakers, Rondo will have a different role for the Cavs. Bickerstaff plans to use him for around 20 minutes or so, clearly indicating that the veteran guard will be utilized more.

But more to that, Rondo is expected to be a new voice and leader for the youth-laden team. It is something that the 6-foot-1 guard is known for, someone who can fire up a team and also provide guidance to young and rising stars.

But through it all, the Cavs need to understand that when Rondo says he means business, emotions may run high. Most know how he clashed with coaches in the past and this was partly because he wanted to win.

With the Cavs rolling, that should not be a problem. Hence, Bickerstaff and the Cavs players need to stay the course and understand Rondo is all business whether he is on the court or the bench.

Rajon Rondo #4 of the Los Angeles Lakers
Rajon Rondo #4 of the Los Angeles Lakers Getty Images | Stacy Revere

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