Brace yourselves! The executor of the The Celia Cruz Estate and director of The Celia Cruz Legacy Project, Omer Pardillo-Cid, announced the launch of the new Celia Cruz Brand which will include a new online store for the first time ever which will offer exciting merchandise that will feature the iconic entertainer, and the redesign of the Celia Cruz website.

Celia Cruz Newly-designed, Celia Cruz brand, features colorful merchandising and the launch of an online store. Photo: Celia Cruz Online Store

Celia Cruz, recognized worldwide, passed away at age 77 due to brain cancer. It's been over a decade, but her music and legacy is still very alive in her fans' hearts. Cruz was one of the most popular salsa artists of the 20th century, earning many nicknames such as "La Reina de la Salsa," "La Guarachera de Cuba" and "The Queen of Latin Music."

"Since Celia's death fourteen years ago, my sole purpose has been to keep her legacy alive for future generations through a myriad of projects. For some time I have collaborated with different designers to bring to life a merchandising line that would capture the joy and vibrancy that Celia embodied," says Pardillo-Cid who was her friend and manager for the last years of her career. "It is not until now that I have been completely satisfied by the product we are launching and I hope it meets with the approval of her fans."

Marietta González and Abel Ferro, founders of Versal Studio, began working with Cruz's image about three years ago, but it is now that they are ready to bring their designs to life through an interactive online store that will feature the beloved singer's likeness on dozens of merchandising items and deliver what Cruz's fans have been long asking for: a dignified, artistic, fun and colorful way of keeping their icon's legend alive.

"The admiration we feel for undoubtedly the most important musical figure to come out of our country is only surpassed by the passion we feel for this project," says Ferro, designer for the project. "Bringing to life Omer's love for this woman and understanding what she meant to so many is at the core of each design."

GlowShineWow, a boutique digital marketing agency, led by Jackie Small, a long-time US resident that moved to Miami in 2004 from Argentina, and also a devoted Celia Cruz fan, will lead the marketing efforts for the project.

The new Celia Cruz's website will feature a stylish and attractive design, new and exclusive content, news updates, and an incredible interactive store for the fan, the collector and the memorabilia aficionado. The site will also be supported by extended online marketing and social media presence serving over 1 million fans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with updates, news and promotions throughout the year.

The Cuban singer, was a multi Grammy winner and earned 23 gold albums in her trajectory. She embarked her career in the 1950's with Sonora Matancera, making cameos in many films.

In the late '60s she and her husband Pedro Knight migrated to the U.S., where she became a household name. And the rest, as they say, is history. Remember the "La Negra Tiene Tumbao'" songstress with amazing and colorful clothing, art, and accesories. Azucar!