The coronavirus scare has offered enough fodder for dubious tabloids. So much so, rustling up fake death bed reports have become commonplace. The latest celeb in line to have caught the fancy of gossip mills happens to be American singer Cher.

As per a recent report on the “Globe,” the 74-year-old who has been battling a rare disease since the 1980s is “scarily ill.” The report, which goes by an outrageously demeaning headline -- “Sick Cher Knocking on Heaven’s Door” comprises a volley of questionable sources dropping “details” about the legendary singer's health.

“Cher wouldn’t have missed the marches unless she absolutely couldn’t get up. Everyone is convinced she is on her deathbed,” said an alleged source, citing how the singer was too sick to attend the protests against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd Killing in Minneapolis Police Custody.

While it is believable to an extent that Cher was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus since the 1980s, which could have posed some health concerns, it is far from true that the singer is grappling under a deadly disease of sorts. More so because Cher has been managing quite well despite the health condition.

The publication takes things a little too far, after quoting a life expert give his stance on the entire so-called observation -- “People who suffer from chronic fatigue can keep that disease for the rest of their lives.”

Well, it didn’t take much for Gossip Cop to bust the story, as the report fails to support its claims with any evidence. Furthermore, Cher’s rep rubbished the report and brushed it aside as a bogus click-baity narrative. What needs to be noted is that Cher, who the “Globe” alleges to be seriously ill for the past couple of weeks, is, in reality, alive and kicking. Cher has been extremely vocal about the current state of affairs on Twitter. How is it possible for a terminally ill patient to spring into action and be equipped to be vocal about world affairs on social media?

Also, if the report is to be believed, how was it possible for Cher to drop a fresh track last month for UNICEF if she has indeed been “out of breath” or “extremely unwell” for the past couple of months?

Case in point: The narrative is purely baseless, with zero relevance to Cher’s current state of health. She’s probably concerned about the pandemic and might be exercising extra precaution owing to a health condition, but is still miles away from her death bed.

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