'Chespirito' Dies: Actor Carlos Villagrán Denies Rumors And Attends Bolaños' Funeral After Releasing Moving Statement

Chespirito Funeral Televisa
Fellow actors, family and friends said goodbye to comedic legend "Chespirito" at Televisa San Angel's "Plaza de las Estrellas". twitter/televisatvmx

Reportedly Florinda Meza had forbid the attendance of actor Carlos Villagrán better known as ‘Kiko’, to her husband Roberto Gómez Bolaños funeral in Mexico City. Both actors had allegedly been distanced for several years after fighting legal battles over the famous character ‘el Chavo del 8’. Despite this, Villagrán released a statement through his Facebook page, lamenting the sad loss of Bolaños calling him a genius. “I’m so sorry about the loss of a great man, friend and genius. All of Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and the rest of the world. So many countries, so many lives were touched by the talents of this great person who opened the doors for me to develop the character of ‘Kiko’,” said the actor.

“All my gratitude, sadness and pain for him. Only when we witness the reality of an absence do we discover the real feeling of friendship and a great teacher. May he rest in peace. Today I feel sad for his passing #chavogenioteRECORDAMOS,” concluded the message.

After denying the rumors that he was banned from the funeral, Villagrán attended ‘Chespirito’s’ funeral, which was held in Televisa San Ángel, at "La Plaza De Las Estrellas" and even warmly offered his deepest condolences to Gómez Bolaños’ widow, Florinda Meza. “The moment of saying goodbye to our friend, this great man who made so many so happy, myself included, was very moving and sad. However in my heart I did feel satisfaction and joy about having taken the decision to be there to say goodbye to him with a prayer, since a handshake will remain pending for another occasion,” said the actor.

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