Packs of Chihuahuas have overrun a small Phoenix neighborhood. The town of Maryvale has fallen victim to this pint-sized pests that go so far as to chase children to and from school.

Chihuahuas may have made their way into Hollywood in the purses of high profile celebrities, but make no mistakes these furry accessories are also fearlessly ferocious. Groups of Chihuahuas have overrun a small Phoenix neighborhood, where the pint-sized packs are wreaking havoc on the residents, as reported by local new station ABC15. The neighborhood fallen victim to these beasts is Maryvale, where local residents are worried about being bitten by the overwhelming number of strays.

The local division of Animal Care and Control responsible for keeping the residents of Maryvale safe, admitted that the Chihuahuas are a nuisance, however due to their massive overpopulation, the organization stated that they will need residents help if they are going to contain the dogs. Maricopa County Animal Care and Control revealed that the number of calls regarding stray Chihuahuas in the Maryvale area doubles that of the calls they are getting regarding Glendale, a similar sized area. And according to ABC 15, the problem only worsens as the number of complaints about packs of strays nearly triples in areas like Chandler, and Gilbert.

Reports state that the tiny dogs are harassing even tiny children, when students walk to and from school they are being chased by the growing packs. Animal Control stated they are in fact responding to calls and complaints, however by the time they arrive on scene the Chihuahua packs have normally dispersed. Officials ask that residents should, if possible, attempt to contain the stray dogs in their yards, so when officials arrive they can properly respond to the issue.

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