Christian nodal and his diamond teeth
Courtesy Christian Nodal/Instagram Stories

"I think it is the most stupid, idiotic thing I've done in my life," said Christian Nodal, reflecting on his decision to replace some of his teeth with embedded diamonds in 2020, a procedure that cost about $800,000. Given that the Mexican singer-songwriter has also covered his face with tattoos—and later endured both the pain and expense of having them removed—his regret carries significant weight.

"I had my real teeth removed to have diamonds put in as if they were teeth. I don't have teeth," Nodal disclosed during an appearance on "Noche de Luz," a show broadcast in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and online. For the 25-year-old artist, whose worth Forbes estimates at $120 million, the decision was regrettable both physically and financially.

Nodal's era of extravagances

At the time, Christian Nodal was earning significant money for the first time and, as he admitted, made several poor choices. The pandemic prompted a realization that his income might not last indefinitely, leading him to consider retirement.

The mexican star, and one of the biggest numbers in Latin music, attributed the decision to replace his natural teeth with diamond-encrusted implants to "a part of bad ego." He explained, "Since my career involves using my mouth, I wanted something that looked impressive when I moved it."

He removed some of them, but the remaining implants, which are located at the back of his mouth and in the place of his lower front teeth, are only visible when he smiles broadly or retracts his lips while singing.

Nodal's confessions

During the interview, where Nodal was promoting his "Pa'l Cora Tour 2024," he also shared that the most challenging moment of his life occurred during the birth of his only daughter, Inti, a result of his relationship with Argentine Latin urban music artist Cazzu.

"It was supposed to be a natural birth, but at the last moment, the water broke, and with the pressure, the umbilical cord came out first, and then the head was crushed."

While mom and baby were eventually fine, Nodal remembered how Inti lost her heartbeat and his world came to an end. "The event of receiving her was very traumatic," he said.

During the interview, Nodal also talked about the painful laser procedures he has been going through to remove the tattoos he imprinted on his face following his very public breakup with his ex-fiancée, Belinda.

"You are supposed to go through it about once a month, and it is very painful," he revealed. "I am not very disciplined about applying creams afterward, and it's important because you can get very bad blisters. It's basically a burn," he revealed. The situation gets worse for him during the tours. "I wear hats, the lights, and the sweat, its an ordeal," Nodal added.

While he is touring Latin America now, the mariachi superstar will kick off his 25-date arena tour in Seattle on Sept. 11, which will see him making stops in major cities such as Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Newark, Brooklyn, Miami, and Atlanta. He will wrap up in Baltimore on Nov. 10 at the CFG Bank Arena.

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