Christian Nodal lawsuit amidst romance scandal Angela Aguilar
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MIAMI - Christian Nodal has been in the spotlight ever since rumors of his now-confirmed relationship with Ángela Aguilar began swirling. The intensity of the attention and criticism surrounding their relationship escalated on Wednesday as images of their first kiss on stage went viral.

Social media has been abuzz since Aguilar broke the news of their romance in an interview with ¡Hola! USA earlier this week. Fans became even more incensed after Nodal published a video defending both Aguilar and his previous partner, Cazzu. Nodal and Cazzu announced their breakup less than three weeks ago, ending an almost two-year relationship.

Adding to it all, Mexican newspaper El Universal revealed that the Mexican singer-songwriter and his family are also currently facing a complex and high-stakes legal battle with Universal Music.

Legal Troubles with Universal Music

In 2022, Universal Music filed a lawsuit against Nodal aiming to prevent him from claiming ownership of three major albums: Me dejé llevar, Ahora, and AYAYAY!, which feature hits like "Adiós amor," "Nace un borracho," and "De los besos que te di." Universal Music's legal move seeks to address allegations of forgery and fraud, demanding that the case be brought before a federal judge.

The controversy stems from an investigation conducted by the Office of the Attorney General. Allegedly, it was discovered that the signatures on the contracts presented by Nodal were not genuine, suggesting forgery. Universal Music alleges that Nodal's parents, Jesús Jaime González Terrazas and Silvia Cristina Nodal Jiménez, fabricated these contracts to illegitimately transfer ownership of the music to Nodal. The record label considers this a clear case of fraud.

Nodal's Defense and Public Statements

Christian Nodal has vocally defended himself against these accusations, describing his relationship with Universal Music as "toxic." He attempted to renegotiate his contract but was unsuccessful, leading him to sign with another label despite still being under contract with Universal Music. This decision prompted the Mexican Association of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms (AMPROFON) to ban the distribution and commercialization of his music without Universal's consent. Nodal countered with legal action, obtaining a suspension against the ban in late 2021. He claimed that no valid contract existed between him and Universal at that time.

"I have a resolution from a federal judge stating that all measures requested by Universal are not valid, that there is no such ban. It's so false that a judge is ordering it... Since I refused to sign a new contract, they are selling this whole circus," Nodal commented during the legal proceedings.

Relationship with Ángela Aguilar: A Public Spectacle

While grappling with these legal issues, Nodal's personal life has also become a topic of widespread public interest. His relationship with fellow musician Ángela Aguilar has been the subject of much speculation. Recently, the couple confirmed their romance during a concert at the Auditorio Nacional, where Ángela was Nodal's special guest.

Rumors about their relationship had been circulating for weeks, particularly after Nodal ended his relationship with Argentine trap artist Cazzu, with whom he shares an eight-month-old daughter named Inti.

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