Christian Nodal and Cazzu
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After weeks of rumors and 10 days of almost certainties, Christian Nodal confirmed what many hoped wasn't true. The Mexican artist announced his breakup with Argentine singer Cazzu after two years together and having a daughter named Inti. The música mexicana star took to Instagram on May 23rd to share the news, leaving fans heartbroken.

The first signs of trouble emerged on May 13th, when Nodal deleted all photos of Cazzu from his Instagram account. Fans quickly noticed the absence of a Mother's Day greeting from him to Cazzu, further fueling speculation about their relationship status.

Almost a month before, on April 19th, the Argentinian artist posted a photo with her daughter saying, "Take everything away from me but you." At the time, it raised some eyebrows, but nobody expected this. Her pictures with Nodal stayed on her wall until today. Now they are gone.

Cazzu and Nodal separate

"Julieta and I have decided to go our separate ways," Nodal wrote in his Instagram stories mentioning the mother of his only daughter by her given name. "Our love and mutual respect remain strong, especially as we continue to co-parent our daughter, Inti. I'm deeply grateful for the moments we shared and will always cherish those memories. Thank you for your support and understanding during this time of change."

Nodal announces separation from Cazzu
Courtesy Christian Nodal/Instagram Stories

Cazzu echoed his sentiments, confirming the split and emphasizing their commitment to maintaining a positive relationship for the sake of their daughter.

"Artists are a reflection of real life. You have walked with us through love, heartbreak, successes, and mistakes. Today, as it has been many times, and as many more will be, some accompany us with hate and others with much love. THANK YOU, everything heals," she stated.

Cazzu confirms her separation from Nodal
Courtesy Cazzu/Instagram Story

The fact that they didn't agree on a message to post the same thing in both accounts says a lot.

The complicated love story between Cazzu and Nodal

Christian Nodal and Cazzu's relationship has always been in the spotlight, especially since it started soon after Nodal's high-profile breakup with his former fiancée, Belinda. Comparisons between the two women have been relentless, with Nodal's every move scrutinized by the media and fans alike.

The couple's romance began in May 2022, just three months after Nodal ended his engagement. Their relationship started amid a whirlwind of media attention and personal turmoil for Nodal, who was still dealing with the fallout from his breakup.

In an interview with journalist Jorge Ramos, Nodal revealed how he was immediately drawn to Cazzu, although she initially resisted his advances. "She didn't want to be my girlfriend at first," Nodal admitted. "She preferred a more casual relationship, but I was already head over heels. This woman drove me crazy; I was in love."

Despite their rocky start, Nodal and Cazzu quickly became inseparable. Nodal even wrote a song, "Cazzualidades," dedicated to her, which helped solidify their bond. The couple made their relationship public at the end of 2022 during one of Nodal's performances in Mexico, where they performed together on stage.

Their relationship seemed to thrive as they welcomed their daughter, Inti, marking a new chapter in their lives. The Mexican artist revealed that while it wasn't a planned pregnancy, he was "static" with the idea of being a dad. "I always said I wanted to be a young dad." Nodal spoke openly about the transformative impact of fatherhood, describing it as a "precious feeling" and a significant turning point in his life. However, he also revealed the harrowing experience of Inti's complicated birth, which had a profound effect on him.

Despite the joy their daughter brought, the pressures of parenthood and their demanding careers may have taken a toll on their relationship. While neither Nodal nor Cazzu have elaborated on the reasons for their breakup, some fans have speculated that the stresses of their personal and professional lives played a role. Others highlighted that fact that it was a rebound relationship for the Mexican singer-songwriter.

As the news of their separation spreads, fans of both artists are left reflecting on the highs and lows of their relationship. For now, both Nodal and Cazzu are focused on their daughter and their respective careers. He is in the middle of the international leg of his "PA'L CORA" TOUR." She has started her return to the stage after giving birth.

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