Belinda returns to acting in Mexico
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Renowned Mexican actress and singer Belinda is returning to Mexican television with a notable role after 14 years of absence. She first gained fame in the early 2000s with roles in "Amigos por siempre" and "Cómplices al rescate."

Her last significant acting appearances were in 2010, with "Camaleones" and "Mujeres asesinas." Since then, she has focused on other projects, like reality TV—who can forget her in the life-changing La Voz México (where she met ex-fiancée Christian Nodal)—and other appearances and projects abroad (like the Spanish series "Edén" on Netflix), but has not returned to a major acting role in Mexico until now.

There has also been music. This year, she released her first single since signing with Warner Music, and there are more on the way. However, she is looking more and more to the small screen.

Belinda, the TV thriller star

Her latest role is in the Prime Video series '¿Quién lo mató?', which is centered around the murder of Paco Stanley, a famous Mexican TV presenter. In this series, Belinda undergoes a remarkable transformation to play Paola Durante. This role required significant changes to her appearance, including the use of prosthetics, to authentically portray the character.

"They put prosthetics on me, braces, a wig, they painted my eyebrows, they completely changed my face; I never thought I would transform like this for a project, but there's no doubt: I loved it," revealed the artist about her transformation into Durante, in 'Quién' magazine. Durante was one of Stanley's assistants.

Who was Paco Stanley?

Paco Stanley was a prominent Mexican television host, known for his charismatic and engaging presence on TV. He became a household name in Mexico, appreciated for his humor and warmth. Stanley's career was tragically cut short when he was assassinated in a crime that shocked the nation and remains a significant event in Mexican media history.

On June 7, 1999, Paco Stanley was assassinated after breakfast at El Charco De Las Ranas restaurant in Mexico City, accompanied by his bodyguards, Gil and Bezares. Suddenly, a group ambushed his van and fired over 20 shots, killing him instantly.

Jorge Gil was injured, but Mario Bezares had left to use the restaurant's restroom, claiming he felt unwell. During the investigation, Bezares, along with Paola Durante, who worked with Stanley, were detained and suspected in the attack. However, they were released in January 2001 due to lack of evidence linking them to the murder.

Stanley's death led to extensive media coverage and investigations, highlighting the risks faced by public figures in the media industry. Stanley's legacy continues to be remembered in Mexico for his contributions to television and his unique personality.

¿Quién mató a Paco Stanley?

The series is helmed by director Humberto Hinojosa, known for 'Luis Miguel, la serie' and 'Las viudas de los jueves'. It boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including Luis Gerardo Méndez, Zuria Vega, Diego Boneta, and Javier Ramírez Gómez, further enhancing its appeal.

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