Belinda in the video of her new song Cactus
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MIAMI - Few returns have been as eagerly anticipated in the world of Latin pop as Belinda's, who marked the occasion with a newly released single called "Cactus." It's her first official release in over a decade, and it's more than just a musical comeback: it's a direct, unfiltered expression of her feelings about her broken engagement with Mexican regional singer Christian Nodal, albeit two years later.

Belinda has masterfully channeled her personal narrative into a poignant song, echoing the recent trend set by Shakira and Karol G, who have also used their music as a platform to address personal heartbreaks and controversies. However, Belinda's approach to "Cactus" is a unique blend of personal symbolism and public statement, creating a tapestry of references that are deeply intertwined with her relationship with Nodal.

The Symbolism of 'Cactus'

The title "Cactus" itself is a direct nod to Nodal. Synonymous to the deserts of Sonora, Mexico, Nodal's home state, cacti hold special significance for him. This symbolism extends beyond mere plant life. Nodal is known for his cactus tattoo and for incorporating cactus imagery in his 'Foraji2' tour.

Belinda cleverly plays on this motif, using it as a metaphor for resilience, survival, and perhaps a hint of prickliness that characterizes their now-ended relationship.

The choice for the release date of "Cactus" appears to have been meticulously calculated. Fans speculate the significance of January 31: the sum of 3 + 1 = 4, a number important to both Belinda and Nodal, marked by tattoos and even a shared pet name. The date also aligns with Nodal's birth month, adding another layer of personal connection to the timing of the release.

Visual References in the Music Video

The music video for "Cactus" is rife with references to Nodal. A standout moment is the inclusion of a photograph depicting the eye tattoo that Nodal got in Belinda's honor. This image, used in the promotion of the song, also appears on the car hood in the music video, symbolizing the inescapable gaze of the past.

Tattoo Nodal in Cactus Belinda new song
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Moreover, the promotional materials for "Cactus" resemble wanted posters, echoing a style Nodal often uses and alluding to his favorite cartoon, "One Piece." This creative choice blurs the lines between personal homage and public statement.

In the video, Belinda even features an actor bearing a striking resemblance to Nodal, alongside a goat, a dual reference to Nodal's zodiac sign (Capricorn) and the skull he often placed on his microphone during performances. The inclusion of a classic car similar to the one in Nodal's "Ya no somos ni seremos" further deepens these personal allusions.

Perhaps one of the most visually striking elements of the video is Belinda's appearance in a wedding dress, a clear nod to her engagement with Nodal. This imagery swiftly transforms as Belinda morphs into La Llorona, a legendary figure symbolizing mourning and loss, encapsulating the pain of their breakup.

A New Era for Belinda

"Cactus" isn't just a song; it's a bold statement and a turning point for Belinda. It marks her reentry into the music world with a narrative that's deeply personal yet universally relatable. The song's intricate web of references to her past relationship with Nodal adds layers of meaning, making it more than just a track—it's a fantastic piece of storytelling.

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