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Shakira at the Casa Casuarina wearing an Iris Van Herpen headpiece for the Billboard 2023 Latin Issue cover. (PHOTO: BILLBOARD/ Ruven Afanador) Ruven Afanador/Billboard

MIAMI - Shakira moved to Miami looking for a more "normal life." Unfortunately, the Colombian super star is going through a very scary moment that is far from normal. A 56-year-old man from El Paso, Texas, was just arrested outside her residence on Monday morning.

According to the authorities, the man, identified as Daniel John Valtier, was apprehended following concerns about an alleged obsession with the Colombian singer.

Shakira's stalker was delusional

The incident unfolded when Valtier, who claimed to be in a romantic relationship with Shakira through his social media postings, arrived by taxi at her Miami Beach home, where she lives with her kids Milan and Sasha.

His assertions included false claims of marriage and a shared family life with the star, the police said. Despite repeated warnings from Shakira's team, Valtier persisted in his behavior, sending unsolicited gifts like wine, chocolates, and toys to her home.

Shakira's security team, was tracking Valtier's activities since late December 2023, and alerted the police about a recent social media post indicating Valtier's intention to visit Shakira in Florida. The post raised alarm bells, given Valtier's known residence in Texas.

Police action was swift. As Valtier approached Shakira's home, he was detained by Miami Beach officers. The arrest highlighted the ongoing challenges celebrities face regarding personal safety and the risks posed by overzealous fans.

Authorities confirmed that Valtier has no personal connection to Shakira or her family. He faces harassment charges and did not appear for a bond hearing later on Monday.

Shakira's previous stalking incident

This is the second time Shakira has faced a situation like this in the last two years. In June 2022, a stalker left graffiti messages outside her house in Barcelona. The text, written in English on the sidewalk in front of her house, included statements like "I love you, a beautiful woman", "I'm coming for you, my love", and "I'm ready to marry you right now and support you."

There was speculation that the stalker might be Russian and has been obsessively monitoring the singer's house ever since her public separation from Gerard Piqué was known.

The police were also involved then, and the situation was diffused privately.

Shakira's life in Miami

Unfortunately, these kinds of episodes are part of the lives of celebrities nowadays. Hopefully, this is the first and last time she and her kids suffer in Miami. When she moved Sasha and Milan from Barcelona to the U.S., Shakira made it clear that her main objective was to remove them from the harassment of the paparazzi.

Since moving to Miami in April 2023, Shakira and the children have been enjoying life. Shakira was often seen at her kids' soccer games and taking part in other community activities.

The trouble caused by Valtier may have made things difficult for them. Now that the stalker has been caught, it seems like Shakira and her family can get back to their normal, happy life.

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