Top 5 Latin American Restaurants in Miami
Top 5 Latin American Restaurants in Miami Freepik

Miami, a city that is in itself a fusion of cultures from every corner of the globe, has transformed into an ideal spot for those who appreciate Latin American restaurants and great food in general.

There is much more to savor beyond tacos and arepas and it's no surprise that Latin American restaurants are flourishing in this city, where Spanish is spoken as regularly -as English (if not more). In Miami, Florida, 70.2% of the total 442,241 inhabitants are Latinos, according to the 2020 Census.

Here is a list of Miami's most acclaimed Latin American restaurants in 2023, featuring eateries specializing in Mexican, Peruvian, Colombian, Cuban and Argentinian cuisine - Lio Messi, we have options for you too.

Top 5 Latin American Restaurants in Miami

  1. Peruvian food restaurant: La Mar

Voted as the 'Best Peruvian Restaurant' in the 2023 'Premios Somos,'La Mar, helmed by the renowned Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio (whose restaurants have repeatedly featured among the best in the world) is a must-visit spot in Miami. Whether you're longing for a classic ceviche or the traditional 'causa limeña,' this restaurant. recommended by Michelin Guide. features the best of Peruvian cuisine.

  • 500 Brickell Key Dr, Miami

2. Argentinian food restaurant: Los Fuegos

Argentine chef Francis Mallman is widely acclaimed as one of the world's foremost grill masters, and his restaurant 'Los Fuegos,' located in the luxurious Faena Miami Beach Hotel, showcases a succesful culinary formula centered around the art of cooking with 'fuego,' or fire in English.

This Latin American restaurant in Miami Beach offers a genuine Argentine 'asado' experience. For first-timers, you can expect the most flavorful steaks, grilled to perfection in the outdoor barbecue at 'Los Fuegos,' the only restaurant of the James Beard Award-winning chef in the U.S. The beets, low-cooked under coals for eight hours, are the side dish recommended by the Michelin Guide.

  • 3201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

3. Mexican food restaurant: Los Félix

This one-Michelin star Mexican restaurant pays homage to indigenous culinary traditions, cultivating a multi-sensory experience rooted in time-honored native ingredients, biodynamic wines and an inviting atmosphere.

The menu at 'Los Félix' boasts a refined variety of Mexican dishes, including tamales, pork cheek 'carnitas', and 'tacos al pastor', as well as 'crudo', sope, 'tetela', and 'tostada'. Michelin particularly recommends trying the "snapper crudo topped with shavings of jicama and avocado aioli; and grilled octopus with beetroot mole."

  • 3432 Main Hwy, Miami

4. Cuban food restaurant: Ariete

Cuban food restaurant in Miami: ‘Ariete’
Cuban food restaurant in Miami: ‘Ariete’ Ariete's website

Chef Michael Beltran leads the this Cuban restaurant in Miami located in Coconut Grove and a holder of one Michelin star. Ariete offers a captivating blend of Cuban and American flavors, showcasing an inventive culinary approach that seamlessly merges the classic with the contemporary.

With its inviting atmosphere and lively ambiance, Ariete stands out as a destination not to be missed for those seeking to explore Latin food and sharing a memorable dining experience. If you have never been to this Cuban restaurant, you can try the 'tasting menu,' to experience the most noteworthy dishes.

  • 3540 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove, Miami

5. Colombian food restaurant: ElCielo

Colombian food restaurant in Miami and Washington DC: ‘ElCielo’
Colombian food restaurant in Miami and Washington DC: ‘ElCielo’ ElCielo's website

This Colombian restaurant shines in creating experiences appreciated by all senses by seamlessly blending ancestral and avant-garde techniques. With its stunning culinary offerings that teleport the clients to Medellín, it's no surprise that 'ElCielo' became the first Colombian restaurant to receive a Michelin star.

Renowned Colombian chef Juan Manuel Barrientos is known for his concept of a 'neurosensorial' cuisine, which combines tropical products, such as Colombian fruits, grains and vegetables, with local fish and other ingredients. The dishes are presented in a visually exceptional manner, seeking to to evoke emotions. 'The Experience' menu is a must.

  • 31 SE 5th Street, Miami, 33131 FL

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