Enrique Iglesias song Fría with Yotuel
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MIAMI - The end of January and the beginning of February have been an exciting time for Latin music, featuring a series of impactful and occasionally provocative new releases. Belinda made headlines with the debut of her latest song at the TikTok Awards América Latina, Enrique Iglesias, and Yotuel teamed up to create what's being hailed as this year's quintessential Carnaval anthem, blending their unique styles in a memorable collaboration.

Gabito Ballesteros and Natanael Cano, known for their dynamic Mexican musica chemistry, have once again joined forces. Spanish phenomenon Quevedo released "La última" worrying his fans about a potential retirement.

Additionally, Itzza Primera and Gloria Trevi have each dropped new albums, adding to the richness of this period's Latin music scene with their distinct sounds and artistic expressions.

Belinda becomes Beli-ka

The most discussed new song dropped this week is "Cactus," Belinda's first official release in 11 years. Her corrido tumbado is a clear tiradera against her ex-fiancée, Christian Nodal. Eliminating any doubt, la princesa del pop latino now calls herself Beli-ka, in reference at the corridos bélicos original name of the corridos tumbados.

Mexican superstar Gloria Trevi's "Mi Soundtrack Volumen Tres" is a compilation of 11 of her greatest songs, which the Latino Madonna re-recorded Taylor Swift style. This is the third compilation album Trevi has released through her independent label, Great Talent Records. The artist is also about to start "Mi Soundtrack World Tour 2024," her new tour.

As the 10th anniversary of his mega-hit "Bailando" approaches, Enrique Iglesias has joined forces with Cuban urban king Yotuel in the very catchy "Fría." The Spanish father of reggaeton pop also revealed the release date for his new, and maybe last, album. "FINAL Vol.2" comes out on March 29th.

Gloria Trevi
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Enrique's previous song, "Así Es La Vida", featuring María Becerra, claimed the top spot on Billboard's prestigious "Tropical Airplay" chart this December, a position he first secured in 2014 with "Bailando." The song has a carnival vibe, with Caribbean calypso and ska sounds.

Also thinking of Carnaval, twice-nominated for the Premio Lo Nuestro awards, Boza, released his new EP "Par De Quina" with five new tracks. The project was produced by his long-time collaborator, Faster, who mixed samba, afrobeat, and dancehall rhythms in a fusion project created for his home country Panamá upcoming holiday season.

Nostalgia and empowerment in Latin music

Ángela Aguilar released her long-awaited album of boleros recorded in Cuba. The youngest of the legendary Aguilar family did a beautiful job singing some of the most beautiful Latin America's romantic songs

The children of Jenni Rivera released a Norteño rendition of "Que me entierren cantando," a song that was previously released as a duet between La Diva de la Banda and their uncle, Lupillo Rivera, in 2020. This new version was initially intended as a heartfelt birthday tribute to Lupillo Rivera. However, it gained an additional layer of emotional depth since he spent his birthday locked in "La Casa de los Famosos."

From Colombia, Greeicy is kicking off 2024 with "De a Poco," the fourth chapter single from her upcoming album "Yeliana," filled with songs that celebrate and empower women.

New latin music

Enrique Iglesias, Yotuel - "Fría"

Ángela Aguilar, "Bolero"

Belinda - "Cactus"

Jenni Rivera-Lupillo Rivera - "Que me entierren cantando"

Quevedo. "La última"

Gabito Ballesteros, Natanael Cano - "Proyecto X"

Tiago Pzk, Ke Personaje - "Piel"

Greeicy - "De a poco"

Boza - "Energías"

Danny Lux - "Ciudad Del Sol"

Borja - "Cora Frío"

Picus - "Mi amor"

Zulia - "Hablamos mañana"

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