Juan Gabriel is having a great year! The Mexican singer is clearly alive and kicking after having a major health scare in April 2014. After taking some time off to recoup last year, “El Divo de Juárez” is back delighting his fans on stage and surprising everyone with major projects and collaborations.

JuanGa, who has more than 40 years in the music business and 100 million album copies sold around the world, has won the audience over and over again with his music. With his new album “Los Dúo,” he is proving that you are never too old to own the stage.

The success of “Los Dúo” is due not only to Juan Gabriel’s talent but the addition of some of the greatest Latino artist in the music industry such as: Juanes, David Bisbal, Luis Fonsi, Antonio Orozco, Emmanuel, Marco Antonio Solís, Vicente Fernández, Espinoza Paz, to name a few.

Which is why, Universal Music is already planning the release of “Los Dúo Vol.2,”which will include collaborations with Alejandro Fernández and Luis Miguel. But they are not stopping there, reports about a Vol.3 are already surfacing and rumor has it, Christina Aguilera is on the list of singers wanted to participate in this new album.

But this is not the first time that this comes up. In 2014, Juan Gabriel expressed his desire to work with Xtina, and he hopes that the success “Los Dúo” is having, will convince Xtina to finally record a song with him. However, people close to the singer have mentioned that negotiations with the Ecuatorian singer are not going so well thus far. 

And because Juan Gabriel will wait for no one, he is already working on duets with Joan Sebastian, Il Divo, Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer. Other artists that are being rumored to participate on this project are, Angélica María, Enrique Guzmán, and Franco de Vita.

According to several sources, there was a duet planned with Jennifer López but it was recently reported to be canceled. No further details have been given about this situation.