Barbara Bermudo
Barbara Bermudo reveals her favorite tips to celebrate the perfect Christmas party. Courtesy

Christmas is just around the corner and Barbara Bermudo is ready for the big holiday. The half Puerto Rican, half Cuban TV reporter will celebrate as she does every year, with a traditional parranda (party) for friends and family. "Parrandas provide a special opportunity to make memories that will last for a lifetime while combining the aspects of our culture that we love: family, music and food," Bermudo said to Latin Times in a statement.

Every year, the "Primer Impacto" host decorates her home with Christmas lights around the house, a nativity scene on the lawn and a big Christmas tree indoors, which her older girls love to decorate. She also decorates her dinning table with poinsettias.

At her holiday parrandas, the mother of three, prepares delicious plates from her native island. "I like to serve the traditional pernil asado (roast pork) alongside arroz con gandules (rice and peas), plátanos (plantains) and pasteles (a Puerto Rican tamale)," she said. "For dessert, we love flan de queso (a cheese flan) and templeque de coco (a coconut pudding dessert). I always make coquito, a traditional holiday beverage with coconut milk and rum, using a secret recipe my family loves."

The Latina journalist assures that like every parranda, hers is an all-night event. "The party goes on for an hour or two at one home and then everyone, including the hosts, leave to 'parrandear' some more. The group continues to grow as they parranda at several houses throughout the night," she said. "At the last home, around 3 or 4 in the morning, the homeowner offers the traditional chicken soup called 'asopao de pollo' and the party ends at dawn."

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