Christmas Casseroles
These no-fuzz dishes will delight your loved ones and make you shine on Christmas morning! Shutterstock/Elena Shashkina

Christmas time is definitely the most wonderful time of the year; but it can get a little stressful if you’re entertaining big crowds at home. Food and presents are the main attractions so we have to step up our games every year. But don’t forget there are shortcuts to make your life way easier: casseroles are one of them. Feeding a lots of people in the morning can get somewhat challenging; they wake up hungry and expect freshly brewed coffee and huevos rancheros, stat. So make these simple dishes in advance and surprise everyone with a scrumptious satisfying brunch on Christmas morning!

Food Network’s Pancake Breakfast Casserole: This one’s the perfect idea for those times when you want a pancake breakfast but don’t want to spend hours by the griddle. It’s also a take on a French toast casserole and the other plus is you can add fruit! Once it’s fully baked, sprinkle whichever berry you have in hand. Check it out!

Southern Living’s Breakfast Enchiladas: One of the many great reasons to make these enchiladas is you can prepare them in advance. You simply scramble the eggs with sausage and cheese, stuff and roll up the tortillas with the eggs, place them in a dish, pour the sauce and refrigerate them over night. Next morning, pop them in the oven and listo! Enchiladas for everyone.

All Recipe’s Egg Benedict Casserole: It doesn’t get much fancier than eggs Benedict at home, and this recipe by user Alycimo, is as easy as can get. You can make it in advance and then bake it the next morning, to serve it covered in silky hollandaise sauce. Perfect!

Taste of Home’s Bacon and Eggs Casserole: As easy as 1, 2, 3, this casserole brings all the flavors your family wants in a savory breakfast: egg, cheese and crisp bacon. There’s no need to even make this the night before because it’s that simple. Try it out!

Martha Stewart’s Baked French Toast Casserole: The sweetest life-saver in the world is easy peasy to make and will leave your family drooling for next year’s Christmas morning brunch at your place. You just need to make a traditional French toast preparataion and add pecans (optional) and sugar on the top to get a golden brown caramelized crust! It’s fool-proof.

Shutterstock/Elena Shashkina

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