Claudio Nasco Death: Jorge Diep, Dominican Designer, Says News Anchor's Murderer Was A Call Boy

Claudio Nasco
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Claudio Nasco's death is still making headlines in the Dominican Republic. The Cuban-Dominican news anchor, 37, was brutally murdered on Friday, Dec. 13, at a motel. He had left his residence to go to CDN, the channel where he worked, in order to fulfill his obligations with his show, "Enfoque Final," that airs live at 10:00 p.m. Nasco, who had lived in the Dominican Republic for more than a decade, was found tied up and stabbed multiple times in the jacuzzi of a motel room after he never made it to work.

According to the police, Oscar Pérez (Yandel), 19, Luis Manuel Estévez Ponciano (Macuto), 20, and Joel Rafael Miliano Rodríguez, 18, confessed to the murder. Police spokesman, Jacobo Mateo Moquete explained that when the detained were interrogated, they allegedly admitted that Pérez was contacted by Nasco to get together at a motel, to spend some time and "share," like they had "done in the past." The defendants allegedly told the police that Claudio owed them $25,000 pesos, which is about U.S. $590, and they got into an argument because of it, that led to the crime.

After the official press conference where police announced their findings, social media blew up. Many users didn't believe the official version, claiming the alleged defendants were just scapegoats used by a prominent figure which still remains unknown. Nuria Piera, one of the biggest names in the Caribbean island when it comes to investigative journalism, and also Claudio's boss, revealed that she believed that the police had found the real authors of the crime and that people just weren't going to be happy with any of the findings. She added that she didn't think there was another person behind the crime and everyone should let it go because those were the perpetrators.

"I think the case shouldn't be closed, to further corroborate the statements of the criminals, but it's more than evident that they are Claudio's murderers," she said. "Some irresponsible agitators are weaving fictitious stories that only feed their morbidity. They don't accept any conclusions and no proof is going to make them believe that it's just that simple. They need large plots, mysterious intellectual authors, and they can't stand it when things aren't that complex." To add to the case, designer Jorge Diep recently opened up about how he knew Claudio's murderer and how he was connected to important people. We translated his exact words, and this is what he said:

"My opinion about the Claudio Nasco case: I think that Nuria is speaking the truth, and things happened like the police said. There is nothing more to search for. I unfortunately met Jandel (sic), Claudio's main murderer. He came to my house one day with a friend that he wanted to introduce me. I'm retired from all homosexual practice since the day I decided to follow Christ, so I told him that I didn't want his friendship, much less his sexual services. As you see, God freed me from this because that could've been me and not Claudio. This is a popular guy among gays, he was very nice and famous for his personal attributes, publicized by his friends, many of whom worked in the media and are well-known in the society. He didn't look like a criminal when you met him, that's why I don't doubt that Claudio was tricked by him. Look what happened.


Many times, we gays are curious, and we're looking for adventures and pleasure, but the outcome is not always the best. Everyone who knew and loved Claudio wish to believe that the circumstances were different, or that there are other hands behind this crime, but it seems that it's not likely. I believe in Nuria and the police. It saddens me what happened, those young men are monsters, and now we ask for justice to take its course, pray to God for Claudio's soul and resignation for his family. But most importantly, may his death be a lesson for our friends that are so exposed to this type of situations. Think about it a thousand times before exposing your life to something similar. Think about your family and the pain they'll be in if this were to happen to you. Rest in peace, Claudio."

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