President Donald Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen on Wednesday dropped explosive details about his former boss, his ideologies, and the “cult” that exists within the White House. Cohen seemed to have taken a jibe at the President, when he appeared on "CNN Tonight" and claimed that Trump is persistent to extend his tenure at the White House.

“Donald Trump believes that he should be the ruler — the dictator of the United States of America. He actually is looking to change the Constitution. When Donald Trump jokes about 12 more years ... he is not joking. Donald Trump does not have a sense of humor,” said Cohen on the show.

“So, I want you to understand that when he says 12 more years, if he wins he is going to automatically day number one start thinking how he can change the Constitution for a third term, and then a fourth term, like what he said to President XI and like what he said to so many other people. It's why he admires the Kim Jong Uns of the world,” he added while speaking to the show’s host Don Lemon.

Cohen’s inflammatory comments that largely revolved around lambasting the president comes a day after the release of his book. “If you look at the end of the book it's really a call. It's a warning call to anybody who is reading the book. Put the Visine in your eyes, clean your eyes out and see that Donald Trump cares for no one or anything other than himself. So he doesn't care if your family member dies as long as it's not him. He doesn't care about anything other than himself and this election,” he said, on the show.

Speculations ran amok about the same when Trump dropped major hints during a re-election campaign that his administration would go all out to stay in power. “We are going to win four more years,” said Trump at the rally which was held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, last month. “And then after that, we'll go for another four years because they spied on my campaign. We should get a redo of four years,” he added.

Cohen, who has labeled Trump’s rule and the power dynamics at the White House as a “Cult”, averred that the high attrition rate in the administration is large because of the president’s innate desire to control and “set records.”

“Anybody that wants to work there, God forbid you to say something wrong. God forbid you do something wrong. You're fired. That's exactly why there have been so many people coming in and out of the administration. I think he set all sorts of records. He likes records.

Well, he certainly set the record for the most people in and out of the administration,” he said. “And people somehow follow him. Why? I don't know why. I did it when I had my daughter, my wife, my son continuously telling me, 'Stop, we don't want you to work for him. Quit, you don't need to work for him. What are you doing? The things that you are doing are morally wrong. You lost your moral compass, wake up,” Cohen added.

Cohen plunged into infamy after he pleaded guilty for multiple charges in 2018 -- tax fraud, breach of trust by lying to Congress, and for facilitating hush-monetary settlement to two mystery women who claimed to have had affairs with the President.

Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen recently lambasted President Trump for his racial tendencies. Twitter

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