Bogota, Sep 7 (EFE).- On Sunday Colombia began its annual "Peace Week" celebration, the event has been organized by several civil organizations for the past 27 years however, this year, it has national reconciliation. The 2014 “Peace Week” event, happens in Havana, and is focused on bettering communication and a possible reconciliation between the Colombian government and the FARC guerillas. The initiative is designed to prepare Colombian civil society for "the endorsement of what is agreed to" said Luis Emil Sanabria, the executive director of Redepaz, one of the celebration's sponsoring organizations.

For Colombians to accept a peace agreement between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, Sanabria said that "a strong society" is needed that not only endorses the process but participates in it and supports it thoroughly. "We want to participate and change society not remain separated from it," said Sanabria.

The history of this initiative is rich. Colombia's Peace Week began 27 years ago at the instigation of the Catholic Church, with the holding of assorted religious ceremonies and other activities to promote peace and reconciliation in all areas of society. "This week invites us to reflect and perform acts of reconciliation at all levels - at home, at school,  and with our family - because peace is not only built in Havana but in all daily environments," said the director of the National Social Teaching Secretariat of the Bishops Conference, Héctor Fabio Henao.

Peace Week activities will run until September 14th and will include various workshops, youth meetings and events calling for the release of hostages being held by armed groups. Particular emphasis will be given to events with an artistic character because, Sanabria said, "the creative act plays a fundamental role in overcoming conflicts and in the transformation of reconciled societies." Despite the inspiring events and education that is garnered by Colombia citizens during “Peace Week” it maybe all for nothing.

In early August, FARC chief, Rodrigo Londono stated that Colombia and President Juan Manuel Santos are unlikely to sign a peace treaty with the Marxist FARC. In an interview that was published to the rebel’s website Londono stated that there simply would not be time in the coming months to fully discuss reparation to victims and how to bring a definitive end to the conflict, which would eventually bring peace to Colombia. "I'm afraid not. Of course we all want things to be concluded as soon as possible," said Londono.