Messi and Andres Parra umblical cord

MIAMI - Argentinian legend Lionel Messi, one of the most celebrated athletes in history, has signed countless autographs throughout his career. However, some of these signatures have found their way onto unusual and unexpected objects.

From soccer balls and jerseys to more peculiar items, Messi's signature has made appearances in some surprising places, including one that is in the hands of iconic Colombian actor Andrés Parra ("El Patrón del mal," "Chávez," "Los Protectores.")

One of the strangest items Messi has signed is a baby's forehead. This unusual autograph request mirrors other athletes' experiences, where signing body parts isn't entirely uncommon but still remains a head-turner. Another bizarre item was a napkin, which might seem mundane but stands out due to its impracticality and the spontaneity of the request​ Of course, there are other body parts, where -in many cases - the autograph from the GOAT of soccer has become a tattoo.

Messi and the umbilical cord

However, the most extraordinary autograph story involving Messi likely comes courtesy of Andrés Parra. Known for his iconic role in "Escobar, el patrón del mal," the Colombian actor shared a remarkable tale about his interaction with Messi.

During the filming of the series "Los Protectores," where Messi made a cameo appearance, Parra revealed that he managed to get Messi's autograph on an umbilical cord! In an interview, Parra humorously recounted how he didn't bring a typical item like a jersey for Messi to sign. Instead, he had a preserved umbilical cord, which Messi signed, making it a one-of-a-kind memorabilia​.

"I still have it," said Parra, who is promoting the Latin America and USA tour of his monologue show "Sí es pa´'eso."

While this remains the weirdest and most crazy place that Messi has signed, the Copa América is half way through, so there is plenty of time for soccer fans to find more unexpected ways to keep Argentina's star mementos.

Messi umbilical cord, andres Parra

In "Los protectores," which can be seen in HULU, Messi plays himself alongside a trio of soccer representatives. This cameo happens in the second season of the Star Original Productions comedy, starring Argentine actors Adrian Suar, Gustavo Bermudez, and Parra.

During this scene, he meets with the agents to discuss a project supporting young players in Europe. The situation quickly escalates with requests for photos, videos, and a proposed business deal, resulting in an amusing exchange of glances and a toast to conclude the scene.

Messi also made a cameo during the publicity campaign of Will Smith's last movie, "Bad Boys 4," where he acted in English for the first time. There is always the possibility that Smith and his co-star, Martin Lawrence, asked him to sign something unusual.

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