Things took an untoward turn at a Waffle House last Thursday, in the Denver suburb of Aurora after a patron almost gunned down a restaurant staff for asking him to adhere to the coronavirus safety guidelines -- face coverings in public places.  

27-year-old Kelvin Watson was charged with attempted first-degree murder by the Aurora Police Department after the man got aggressive upon being asked to follow government ordered instructions. Watson checked-in to the outlet on May 14 without a mask, as per the arrest affidavit, which pushed a waitress to repeatedly request Watson to comply with the rules -- and wear a mask -- without which he wouldn’t be served.

Upon being ordered to follow rules, Watson began to threaten the staff through profanities and even laid out a small gun and placed it on the counter before warning the cook that he could “blow your brains out.”

The following night, Watson returned to the outlet—only to be triggered upon being refused again by the cook, who was eventually slapped. As things began to spiral out of control, the cook decided to flee the scene and ran toward the back of the outlet.

Watson allegedly followed the cook outside the restaurant, managed to fire a few shots at his abdomen or chest. Watson reportedly hurled a flurry of offense statements upon leaving the outlet like, “You better shut the f*** up and serve me.”

The cook reported that he had dialed 911 as he tried to escape and ran toward his house. The cook who was taken to a hospital nearby miraculously survived the attack and was discharged the next day.

Following the ghastly incident; an official statement released by Njeri Boss, Director of Public Relations for Waffle House, Tuesday read: “We are relieved to hear that Aurora police have made an arrest for this terrible crime, and greatly appreciate the diligence of local law enforcement. This case involves a senseless act of violence that should not be tolerated in any community. We are very thankful that neither of our associates who were working when the incident occurred, suffered any life-threatening injuries. Our thoughts and well wishes remain with our associate who was injured and now is recovering at home.”

hand guns Texas will now allow licensed gun owners to carry handguns openly, in belt or shoulder holsters. Shutterstock/Barnaby Chambers