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'El Chapo' Rival Extradited To U.S. As Key Witness Against Cartel Leader Photo by Hector Guerrero/AFP via Getty Images

A woman's severed head was found inside a cooler box by local residents of a neighborhood in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico on Sunday. The head reportedly belonged to one of two female decapitated corpses that were dumped and found earlier that same day. Neighborhood locals found the Unicel cooler containing the severed head in a public park, behind a personal transport unit and notified the police soon after. The two decapitated bodies of the women were also found wrapped in a blanket behind a truck parked in Paseos de Alba.

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According to Daily Star, forensics secured the area where the head was found for any evidence that may help in locating the executioner, while the head was taken to Foresensic medical service along with the cooler for further examination.

The discovery of the severed head comes as no surprise as Mexico is currently suffering from violence and excessive brutality from rival cartels. With more and more bodies being discovered in different sectors of Juarez, either decapitated or completely chopped up in the traditional cartel manner, wrapped in either a blanket or blue tarpaulin.

The Influx of widespread brutality allegedly began when Mexico’s newly deputized police chief, was executed by the nation’s most powerful cartels. Just hours after landing the big role, Juan Miguel Silva Alvarado was conducting a series of patrols accompanied by three patrol cars, focusing mostly on bars on Saturday night. His convoy was pulled over by a group of hitmen from the Sinaloa cartel and the officers alongside Alvarado’s bodyguards were asked to lay down their weapons.

Alvarado attempted to flee into the nearby building before his head was completely blown off. Military and police forces were unable to find the gunmen during sweeps of the surrounding area. A civilian had found the guns of the officers under a bridge a couple of hours later.

A rifle was found in a nearby bush on Sunday, which is believed to be one of the weapons used by the hitmen in their attack or one of the rifles of the escorting officers. The chief’s death is linked to one of two groups within the Sinaloa cartel - Los Chapitos or El Mayo. The Sinaloa cartel is Mexico’s most notorious and powerful cartel and is recognized as one of the strongest criminal organizations in the world.

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