A senior Bronx resident was found dead in his home on Tuesday with his hands and legs tied. New York Police Department (NYPD) sources said the victim, who has been identified as 91-year-old Nicolo Rappa, was found in his home garage at Wickham and Waring avenues bound and unresponsive.

According to NBC New York, NYPD officers responded to a 911 call about a robbery in progress at the said residence around noon. Upon their arrival, they found the victim unconscious and tied with electrical cords and a towel wrapped around his head. Rappa was reported to have visible injuries and trauma to his head and arms, indicating that the elderly man may have been beaten to death.

Witness accounts provided by the NYPD stated that Rappa was outside of his residence when a white pick-up truck pulled up. An unidentified man wearing an orange and white construction vest was seen talking with the victim. The neighbor’s security camera captured the victim allowing the suspect into his garage. 

The victim lived with his 95-year-old wife and a tenant who at the time of the incident had gone over to the victim’s nephew saying his elderly landlord had been robbed. Police reports said the victim’s relative arrived at the home and saw the suspect flee before calling 911 upon finding his uncle tied up in the garage.

Emergency medical services and cops responded to the scene but Rappa was pronounced dead. Authorities are still left baffled with the case as the events leading to the violent death of the victim remain unclear.  

Neighbors said Rappa was a well-liked fixture in the Pelham Gardens neighborhood. His sudden brutal death has now left the community in fear. When asked by authorities as to who would have intentions of killing Rappa, a stunned 74-year-old resident named Juan Vazquez said: “He was an old man, beautiful, no problems."

A 19-year-old local named Jeremiah John described the victim as having a “crazy” work ethic. “You would always see him planting in his garden, making tomato sauce, taking care of his wife," he added.

NYPD Deputy Inspector Andrew Natiw, commanding officer of the 49th Precinct, reassured the uneasy Pelham Garden residents: “We’re gonna get this guy."

Authorities have launched a search for the suspect and the white Ford pick-up truck.

Based on confirmed police reports, Rappa was also mugged outside his home sometime last year at which the perpetrator ran off with $300 from the victim.

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