U.S. President Donald Trump has been fixating on the miraculous (though scientifically unbacked) benefits of hydroxychloroquine in the battle against COVID-19. In a shocking reveal of sorts, Trump alleged that he has been using the malaria drug and a zinc supplement to boost up his immunity and prevent the contraction of the highly contagious virus.

“I started taking it because I think it's good,” Trump said, to a volley of reporters at a press briefing Monday, May 18. “All I can tell you is, so far I seem to be OK,” he added. Despite the president’s repeated mention of the drug as a cure, the Food and Drug Administration has warned against the usage of the drug combo (Hydroxychloroquine with or without the antibiotic azithromycin).

What’s alarming to note is that Trump seems to be confident about its potential, irrespective of strong disagreements from top medical professionals in his administration. Doctors have in fact reiterated that the usage of the drug can give rise to heart rhythm issues along with a host of other side effects.

While the advice evoked nationwide furor, it also gave rise to several medical investigations that pointed out to one thing: close to no beneficial effects. As per research conducted by French scientists, 84 hospitalized patients were administered the drug, while 97 others were given the usual care. The results gave out rather dissatisfying results:  There were no differences in the odds of death, need for intensive care, or developing severe illness, as reported in a media outlet.

The other study that originated in China followed a more stringent protocol: 150 adults who were hospitalized on the accounts of mild or moderate illness were administered to get. hydroxychloroquine or usual care. The drug made exhibited no difference in terms of relief and, in fact, brought forth more side effects.

The U.S. stands as one of the hardest-hit countries in the coronavirus outbreak, has declared the deportation of 161 Indian nationals who made inroads into the country through Mexico. The country has logged in 1.54 million confirmed cases, and a death toll of 90, 694 cases.

Donald Trump Donald Trump Photo: Getty Images