In a study conducted three years ago, researchers from the University of Washington found that the number of divorces spiked in August and March, coinciding with the end of vacation season; researchers theorized that marital splits occurred after the intimacy couples expected from their vacations did not materialize.

During the 15 years that Beth Liebling was a divorce attorney, the Cornell and George Mason University School of Law-educated Liebling noticed this spike too and kept it in mind as she morphed from a professional helping couples amicably uncouple to a relationship expert who helps them rediscover what it means to passionately love each other.

That is why from Oct. 3 to Oct. 7, Liebling is offering her first three-day, high-end luxury couples camp in Orlando, Fla. Dubbed the Cahoots Couples Camp, the camp will take place in a sprawling mansion and feature delectable meals, sexy surprises, games, workshops and activities to encourage love and laughter.

couples camp Save your marriage with this expert. Cahoots Couples Camp

Liebling, who describes herself as a camp director and romance concierge, is a 52-year-old divorced mother of five, and grandmother of one, who firmly believes monogamy shouldn't mean monotony. "Couples Camp has been designed to help you conspire with your partner to rediscover what it means to love loving each other," she says.