A mother of four and his boyfriend have been convicted and jailed for carrying out a despicable ordeal on a young woman in September 2020.

The mother was identified as Samantha Hart and her boyfriend was identified as Charlie Olding. The latter’s cousin named Lee Kitchiner was also implicated although he was cleared of rape and assault.

However, Kitchiner was found guilty of the sexual activity offense.

The young woman was reportedly 17 at the time of the incident and was made to do sexual acts. Videos of the incident were shared with a jury at their trial.

Per reports, Hart and Olding sexually assaulted the woman in the former’s cellar, something that was likened to an ugly B-movie. There were more than 30 explicit clips shown, all stored on Olding’s phone.

In one of the videos, the woman could be seen pleading, getting slapped in the face and kicked in the stomach by her attackers. At one point, Hart reportedly threatened to stab the woman with a Rambo-like knife. The weapon was later found by authorities according to KentLive.

Hart was described as emotionally immature while Olding had been an active and willing participant. Kitchiner was more of an encouragement of serious humiliation.

There were also threats hurled against the woman. This includes ones where her house would be burned down. Kitchiner reportedly laughed as Hart continued her bullying for a certain period.

Olding would, later on, claim that Hart was angry at the woman and assaulted the teenager lots of times. He also added that the sex acts were done at the instruction of Hart and that he was against it.

Aside from rape and causing a person to engage in sexual activity, Hart and Oldin also admitted to the third charge of assault causing bodily harm.

Hart was sentenced to 11 years in prison while Olding was meted a 10-year jail sentence. Both will have to serve two-thirds of their prison terms before they can apply for parole.

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