A coronavirus patient, who was declared clinically dead for several minutes, was "miraculously" brought back to life.

64-year-old Norberto Di Natale, a car mechanic from the city of Pergamino in Argentina, tested positive for Covid-19 in October last year.

He spent a week in the hospital before being sent home, only to return after a few days with a high fever.

Di Natale feared he was going to die after two people lying on beds next to him died the first two days he was there.

"One person dies on Friday, another dies on Saturday, there is no three without two. Now it’s my turn, I presume," Di Natale told Infobae.

His condition started deteriorating after being diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. In an attempt to save his life, the doctors put him in an induced coma and intubated him to assist with breathing during the sedation.

Doctors reportedly told his family that his condition had "unfortunately worsened and the only thing left to do was pray".

He was later shifted to a Covid-19 ward to continue his recovery. One day he was lying there alone counting his heartbeats, which he said kept "slowing down" until "it went tick and nothing more".

"I have heard many people say there is a light at the end of a tunnel... I saw exactly the same thing. What I heard about so many times on television, I saw the exact same thing," Di Natale told the outlet.

"It's something you wouldn't believe, but that is the way it is. And it is not what you think happens. It's very shocking."

He told the reporters that he was dead for "several minutes" before doctors "miraculously" brought him back to life.

Di Natale was discharged from the hospital and sent home a few days later. He continued to recover at his home care for two months before eventually testing negative for coronavirus.

Di Natale said he has not fully recovered yet and is left weak with reduced mobility. He is trying to get back in shape after he lost 20kg (44lbs) after receiving continuous medical care for almost four months.

"I want to thank the clinic very much for what they have done, which is superhuman," Di Natale said.

"They have done everything, not only for me but also for the people that died next to me," he added.

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