A one-year-old Covid patient died in the arms of his mother while they waited for a hospital bed. The infant died at the doorsteps of King George hospital in Visakhapatnam, India.

According to local reports, the mother brought the Covid positive infant to the hospital after he started displaying uneasiness. The infant laid on his mother’s arms and gasped for oxygen.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the woman pleading with the hospital officials to help her baby boy. But her cries went in vain as the hospital was fully occupied and had no beds to spare for the infant.

The boy died inside the ambulance waiting for treatment. The hospital refused to make a comment on the incident.

The infant’s death adds to the long list of coronavirus patients who succumbed to the virus due to lack of treatment. Being one of the worst-hit countries by the "second wave" of coronavirus, the country is currently running short of vaccines, medical oxygen, hospital beds, and also crematoriums.

Dozens have died over the past few weeks due to lack of medical oxygen and treatment.

The condition is so bad that even doctors are finding new ways to help revive their patients who are gasping for oxygen.

Dr. Deepika Rao, a resident of Chinchwad in the city of Pune, extracted oxygen from an air conditioner in their bedroom to provide oxygen to save her dying husband.

The doctor adopted the new approach after the condition of her husband who was on home quarantine after being tested positive for coronavirus, worsened during the night.

Rao was aware of the oxygen shortage at her hospital, so she wasted no time and used the air conditioner as an oxygen concentrator. She dragged the blower close to her husband and asked him to inhale the air. The man was stable after a while.

The doctor advises blowing the AC when taking a Covid-19 patient in a vehicle. She says this could help to keep them alive until the patient gets proper medical assistance.

Ambulance Representational image. Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images