A father ended up being in an awkward position after discovering the real score about her daughter.

All the while, the dad thought that his daughter followed a healthy lifestyle and was able to make money by investing in shares and cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

The father happened to be browsing through some adult content and was surprised to stumble upon his daughter’s x-rated Twitter profile. He recognized her right away, realizing that his daughter was making money via content that could be viewed at OnlyFans, Twitter and Pornhub, the Mirror reported.

And in an unusual turn of events, the girl brought up her career at a family function. She would turn the tables on her father, branding him as disgusting for knowing what she was doing all along and not informing her.

The father would explain that rather than raise the issue with her daughter, he opted to take steps and block the profile so that he would not see them again.

It was a weird scenario although he preferred to hold off discussing it with her and instead tried to respect her decision for as long as she stayed safe.

But in the end, the daughter blasted her father for not telling her, leaving the father in a spot.

"She got really upset with me and told me I shouldn't be watching those kinds of things and that I'm disgusting, vile, etc. She hasn't talked to me since and I get her disgust in it but is it really that bad that I never told her?" he posted on Reddit.

It was an unusual issue for the father and there were various reactions to his situation. One lauded him for not immediately raising the topic on her daughter. Others believed that it may have been best if he never mentioned he already knew about his daughter’s unusual endeavor.

Some added that the girl may have just been embarrassed, a reason behind the blame game. But in all, it was something mature and most just advised him to give his daughter some time to process everything.

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