Daddy Yankee, 92-Year-Old Daddy Melquiades Share Stage, Sing 'A Mí Me Gusta El Taca, Taca' [VIDEO]

Daddy Yankee Daddy Melquiades
Daddy Melquiades met with Daddy Yankee in Spain. Photo: Youtube

Earlier this month, Daddy Yankee, 40, began his European tour making stops in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, France and most recently, Spain. During his visit to this last country, he was invited to appear in the famous Spanish show "El Hormiguero," and was surprised with the visit of his 92-year-old "rival." The famous grandfather, Daddy Melquiades, shared the stage with the Puerto Rican performer. The success of Daddy Melquiades came thanks to a viral video in which he explains how to create a reggaeton hit in 30 seconds.

The song "A Mí Me Gusta El Taca, Taca" exceeds 30 million views on the internet so far. During "El Hormiguero's" broadcast, Daddy Yankee and Daddy Melquiades met on stage and together danced to the hit song. Yankee hugged the Spanish grandfather and thanked the host "for having reunited the family."

"It's not a mockery at all, it's a song in the spirit of jokes but without wanting to disrespect anyone," the new "grandfather of reggaeton" assured. In an interview with "Likes," Daddy Melquiades said that he was living a great experience. "I'm on a cloud," he said. He also added that he was married to an "87-year-old princess. I have been married for 64 years."

"My wife knows she's the queen of my harem." "She's very good," said Daddy Melquiades.

The adorable singer clarified that he doesn't live in a nursing home, but in his own home, with his wife Maria Teresa, where they receive the visit of their children and their grandchildren.

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