Today at 4:30pm ET the Dallas Cowboys will play their annual Thanksgiving Day game against the visiting Oakland Raiders. The Cowboys are heading into today's matchup as the odds on favorite to win. The Raiders have been playing a series of games with the tide turning unpredictably sometimes in their favor but mostly against them. The Raiders have yet to find themselves a quarterback that will be able to lead them out of their current predicament and turn them back into a respectable franchise.

Dallas will be entering into today's game still pumped from their 24-21 victory over the New York Giants on Sunday. The Giants and the Cowboys have had a long standing rivalry and no doubt the Cowboys are coming into the game with the mental edge. Dallas now stands in first place in the NFC East thanks to their tiebreaker over the Philadelphia Eagles. Oakland lost their chance to move into the wildcard slot when the Tennessee Titans grabbed a 23-19 victory thanks to a final seconds throw by Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Typically on Thanksgiving Dallas has a good day. So far they are 28-15-1 on Turkey Day. If they can get themselves near the 30-point mark they should have themselves an easy victory. Oakland is ranked 25th in pass defense and Cowboys QB Tony Romo is set to go head to head with a man who according to the International Business Times is "one of the worst secondaries in the league." On Sunday Romo wasn't lighting up the board with big numbers. He was however able to work up a late drive and clinch the game for Dallas.

The Raiders do have one advantage over the Cowboys. Dallas has been struggling in recent games with stopping the run. In their match against the Giants, New York was able to run for over 200-yards. Dallas now has to face Rashad Jennings the Raiders rising star who has taken over for an injured Darren McFadden. Jennings has been doing well in recent starts Shawn Lealos a writer for CBS wrote a report saying Jennings is good enough to keep his current starting position.

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