Abby Lee Dance (ALDC) company is back, and so is coach Abby Miler. Miller returns to her roots in Pittsburgh in the upcoming “Dance Moms: Resurrection.” Series will feature a back-to-back special and a catch-up special. Will viewers see a nicer Miller?

Miller has been through a lot. Viewers witnessed how the reality star battled through different challenges in “Dance Moms.” Miller and her dance team battled various dance competitions and won some, launched talents like Maddie Ziegler and faced legal charges.

In May 2017, Miller was charged with bankruptcy fraud and was sentenced to 366 days in federal prison. The feisty coach, however, dealt with another blow, and it is more personal this time. After her release in jail, she was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Burkitt lymphoma. As part of her treatment, she underwent 10 chemotherapy sessions last year.

The reality star has proven she is stronger than any challenges in life. The 52-year-old coach confirms that her show will return with a slightly different title. “Dance Moms: Resurrection” released a trailer where Miller gets personal by showing her struggles with cancer. Watch the trailer below.

Being in a wheel chair did not stop Miller from dance coaching and harnessing new talents. The trailer reveals that Miller wanted to pay tribute to where it all began — in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh was the show’s first location before it moved to Los Angeles.

Miller goes all out in the trailer, indicating that the coach did not lose her enthusiasm. With all the hardship she's been experiencing, especially her recent battle with cancer, a question is raised. Is Miller going to be nicer with the kids and moms? The trailer suggests that viewers will see an old version of Miller — passionate, hardworking and fierce.

“I need to get back to teaching,” Miller tells viewers in the trailer. “And I need to get back to screaming at children. I need to get back to my roots,” she went on to say.

Filming for “Dance Moms: Resurrection” started in January, and it is set to premiere on Lifetime on June 4 with eight new young students. The premiere will air a back-to-back episode and a catch-up episode chronicling Miller’s survival against cancer.