A dancing snake is rising to fame on TikTok. Its rise to popularity comes after a TikTok user posted on the video sharing app a clip of the snake pulsating its muscles near its head as it boogies across a road.

TikTok user @harry_jordan8 shared this week the video of the now-famous snake bopping along to the tune of “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder. “Me: The scariest animal is a snake,” he captioned the post.

While the snake is not really jamming to Wilder, it does give the illusion that it is dancing because its movement perfectly matches the beat of the song. The video of the snake has gained nearly 482,000 likes as of this writing and people in the comments section could not help but say it’s one of the best things ever. In fact, many have pointed out that there’s ironically nothing terrifying about the snake.

“Aw, what an adorable death noodle,” wrote TikTok user and NASCAR driver @ryanvargas_23.

Meanwhile, some users have expressed concern about the snake’s health, saying they could not bring themselves to love the video. Some users said they could not help but think there might be something wrong with the reptile because they have never seen a snake slither the way the snake in the video does.

To put their concerns to rest, one commenter who claimed to be a reptile keeper said there was nothing wrong or too unusual with the snake’s movement. “The snake is not hurt or have a broken back,” said TikTok user @nitnat6245. “Is just moving in a concordion movement instead of serpentine,” she explained.

The dancing snake is just one of the thousands of animals that have risen to fame on TikTok. While its video is certainly adorable, it’s not the only such star on the app. TikTok has an entire community of non-threatening snakes like the dancing snake, allowing users to learn to appreciate and love the creatures a bit more than see them as sources for scares.

A snake slithered its way upon a Mexican flight. Reuters

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