Danny Ocean about Venezuela and his album Reflexa
Alicia Civita

MIAMI - Venezuelan artist Danny Ocean's latest album, "Reflexa," has been met with resounding acclaim and excitement, proving once again his skill in blending deeply personal themes with broader social commentary.

This work, which has injected a new air in Latin music, emerges at a time of profound introspection for Ocean, who openly discusses his quest for meaning both within and beyond the music industry.

In an intimate interview with the Latin Times, Ocean shared: "This album caught me at a moment where I was questioning many things beyond music. I was struggling with finding my purpose and the message behind everything. It's like a guide, helping me interpret these feelings."

His words echo throughout the album, offering listeners a blend of love, heartbreak, and personal growth, set against the backdrop of electronic beats and soul-searching lyrics.

The power of 'REFLEXA'

"REFLEXA" debuted in seventh place in the most streamed albums list on Spotify. It emerges as a bold declaration of artistic independence and experimentation. Straying from any singular genre, Ocean crafts a sound that's uniquely his, weaving together a rich tapestry of musical styles that range from the vibrant beats of electro to the intricate rhythms of the Middle East.

"This album really caught me at a time when I was questioning many things beyond music. I was figuring out what was my purpose, what the message behind my art. You invest (in the career), one sacrifices a lot of time here, sacrifices many things, and a lot of energy. And I wanted to know why, I wanted to cling to a why. And I feel like this album helped me a lot. It became that anchor." - Danny Ocean

He also wanted to make an album from "a place of love and that generated positive feelings in the public." Once he internalized that intention, "the music poured out like water from a faucet," Danny Ocean remembered. Once he had finished putting the album together, he felt "a bit lighter" and ready to embrace a new stage in his life and musical career.

"REFLEXA" is not only a personal journey through emotions like heartbreak and love but also a sonic exploration that challenges conventional pop norms. It is a body of work that is deeply intimate and refreshingly honest, steering clear of the clichés that often saturate pop music, and transcending his origins in urban Latin music.

A message for Venezuelan artists

Amid these personal revelations, Ocean does not overlook his roots and the broader societal challenges facing Venezuela, particularly poignant as the country approaches a contentious presidential election. His commitment to fostering unity is palpable as he reflects on the collective struggle of Venezuelan artists to achieve recognition and solidarity akin to their peers in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico, and now Chile.

"The moment we are in is quite special. There's a significant flow of energy happening, and it's a great time for us to stand united," Ocean remarked, highlighting the importance of the Venezuelan music scene in mirroring and motivating societal unity. "It's very important for us Venezuelans to shed our personal interests and our egos and understand that we are also doing things for a culture, for our own culture, just as other countries do it," he said.

When asked about his decision to wear a t-shirt about the Venezuelan elections during his presentation at the gala of the Latin AMAs last month, he said it was a call to action to his fellow artists and countrymen.

"Honestly, I just wanted to communicate a date where we all come together. It doesn't matter to me how you think, what you think, or the decisions you make in your life. I believe what's important are those points of unity among us, and undoubtedly, July 28 is a day where we need to be all united and cohesive" - Danny Ocean

The Venezuelan elections date, which coincidentally marks the birthday of the late President Hugo Chávez, is set against a backdrop of significant controversy. The National Electoral Council (CNE), led by Elvis Amoroso, announced the election amidst concerns about the fairness and inclusivity of the electoral process. Key opposition figures, like Maria Corina Machado, have been barred from participating, which has intensified skepticism and criticism from various international observers and Venezuelan expatriates​.

Danny Ocean on tour

At the moment, the Latin music super star is on the Mexican leg of his REFLEXA tour on May 10th. In September, he will begin the North American leg, starting in Seattle, and finishing in Miami on November 2nd.

Before, there was a very special date. Danny Ocean is also scheduled to perform a special "World Refugee Day" concert on June 21 at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, in collaboration with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, of which he has been a longtime strong supporter.

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