A remaster of the original “Darksiders” is set to arrive on the Nintendo Wii U console before 2016 ends. 

On Sunday, Swedish computer game publisher Nordic Games announced that the remaster, which is appropriately titled “Darksiders Remastered,” is hitting the Wii U soon, My Nintendo News reported. 

The remaster has been revealed to cost just $20, and it will be released in two formats, physical and digital. 

Nordic has said that the upcoming game will come with a Miiverse feature; however, there’s no word yet on the possible updates that this version will sport, according to Nintendo Enthusiast

The upcoming release of “Darksiders Remastered” is Nordic’s response to the never-ending petitions of the game’s fans for a version intended for Nintendo’s console. 

The original game was released exclusively on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. 

The remaster is going to be released alongside the new “Darksiders” merchandise, but Nordic is tight-lipped on the official release date for the two. 

The confirmation of the game, which will also arrive on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, comes a week after GameFly leaked a listing about it online, reported WiiUDaily

This is not the first time Nordic Games will remaster one of its games. Previously, the company remastered “Darksiders 2” and came up with “Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition” that was released last year. 

The rumors about the possibility of the original “Deathsiders” getting remastered started in February 2015 when Amazon listed and de-listed an entry for “Darksiders 2” for PlayStation 4 only.

“Deathsiders Remastered” will be published by Nordic Games instead of the franchise’s original publisher, THQ. Apparently, Nordic bought the “Darksiders” franchise for $4.9 million from THQ bach in April 2013, a year after “Darksiders 2” was published, according to Polygon

In May 2015, the game’s former creative director leaked that Nordic was planning to continue the franchise’s series.