dead drug dealing suspect dea daughter
Sarah Furay, 19, in a police mugshot, faces charges of drug dealing, posession, and consumption. The DEA confirms that she is the daughter of DEA Special Agent Bill Fury College Station Police Department

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) confirms that alleged drug dealer Sarah Fury, 19, is the daughter of a veteran Special Agent Bill Fury. Fury is accused of consuming and selling illegal drugs as well as possessing 31 grams of cocaine, 126 grams of pot, 29 ecstasy tablets and unspecified quantity of meth and 60 doses of a designer drug similar to LSD, Texas media report . Two digital scales were found in her room along with a handwritten pricelist for drugs, according to KCEN .

Sarah’s father Bill is currently a supervisory special agent at the DEA's Houston Division. In other words, his job is to disrupt the flow of drugs into the U.S. If the allegations are true, Sarah Fury might also win the award for most intense teenage rebellion ever, maybe short of I SIS brides .

The senior Fury has refused to comment on the case calling it a “private matter.” For one thing, did Fury pay his daughter’s reported $39,000 bond?

After her arrest Sarah Fury got internet famous for what was describes as her adorable mugshot. But for families of teens of color who seen loved ones rot in prison on lesser charges, Fury’s smile might not seem so cute.

While some journalists may want to respect the family’s privacy, we’re left with a lot of questions with implications that reach beyond Fury’s immediate case.

Where did the teenager allegedly obtain her smorgasbord of illegal drugs?

Does a DEA agent have a special obligation to prevent their offspring from using drugs, as Sarah Fury reportedly admitted to the police that arrested her?

How will her socioeconomic privilege and proximity to narcotics agents play out in the case?

We've put these questions to law enforcement officials and drug reform advocates and will update this story later today. We're also interested in your thoughts. Please post below and we'll try to bring some of your comments into the update later today.

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