A man who visited the Okere Prison is dead after he was reportedly shot twice by a security operative for bringing tomatoes and other food items. The unnamed man went to visit his friend but correctional officials found cocaine among the things he had with him on June 15.

The man was arrested after the discovery and interrogated. But per reports, the suspect tried to escape and this was when the shooting began. He was first shot in the leg but it was unclear where the second shot landed. The only thing mentioned is that he was crawling in pain before he was shot for a second time.

“With what visitors witnessed outside, the person came with tomatoes and some food items. And, in course of conducting their usual routine search on him, they discovered cocaine in the items. The visitor was thereafter subjected to further interrogation," an unnamed source stated.

It appears the suspect panicked when he found that he was in trouble. This was where the shooting started. But the second shot which killed the man instantly is something that has resulted in the protest of residents.

“But when he discovered that trouble loomed, he started running. One of the prison's armed squad members present shot him in the leg. But while the person was still crawling, he shot him a second time and that killed him instantly,” the source said.

The incident has thrown the community in a state of panic with residents flooding the streets to protest the incident.

Bright Edafe, the acting Police public relations officer, confirmed that there was indeed a visitor that was shot dead at the Okere correctional facility. However, he did not disclose who shot the visitor and the reason behind it.

“As for the person who went to visit the inmate, I know he was shot and he died. I don’t have the fact to know who actually shot. The information I have does not state who shot or who was arrested for the incident for now. Investigation is ongoing,” he stated.

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