Deftones, an American alternative metal band that was formed in 1988, is making a comeback by releasing a new album this year. The group is known for being slow when it comes to an album release because of many internal issues like fights among the members and other problems. 

It was Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham who personally confirmed that they are recording for their new album that they will release later this year. Speaking to Australia's Mixdown magazine this week, Abe further revealed some details about the group’s comeback.  

"It's cool man, we did things a little bit differently this time,” he told David James Young of Mixdown. “We stretched everything out over the course of a couple of years, rather than blasting through in one go. The process has been mixed with about a year-long break, that we all agreed upon.”

Deftones’ intention to release a new album was actually made known last year. Chino Moreno, the band’s lead vocalist, revealed to NBC San Diego during the Dia de los Deftones festival that he and the rest of the members have been spending a lot of time in a studio as they work together for a follow-up to their “Gore” album that was launched in 2016. 

This "Gore" album is being mixed and will be out before 2020 ends. It was shared that Terry Date will serve as the new Deftones album producer. He previously produced “White Pony” and four other albums of the band so this is not their first time working together. 

So far, Deftones has eight studio albums under its belt. The group sold more than ten million albums across the globe and it consists of five members that include Moreno, Cunningham, Stephen Carpenter (guitarist), Sergio Vega (bassist) and Frank Delgado (keyboardist).

Meanwhile, Deftones since they have no album to release yet as of this time, the band spend most of their time on a concert tour. They will hold shows in the U.S. to celebrate their three decades in the music business. 

Deftones already announced the tour dates for their North American tour which will begin on July 27 and end on Sept. 5. They will have special guests - Gojira and Poppy - throughout their performances. 

Deftones Chino Moreno and Sergio Vega of Deftones perform at Robert Smith's Meltdown festival at The Royal Festival Hall on June 20, 2018 in London, England. CREDIT: Burak Cingi/Redferns