Demi Lovato, Luis Fonsi Song: Singers Team Up For Secret Collab Reportedly Titled 'Échame La Culpa'

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Superstars Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi upcoming and very secretive song will finally be released in mid-November. Learn here why this next Latin pop hit is expected to dominate the charts and how the singers met. Instagram

When the Instagram community noticed an exchange of messages between Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi, a possible musical collaboration began to be rumored immediately. It did not take long for it to be confirmed that both pop superstars were working together on a song that the Puerto Rican has being singing solo during his concerts in summer. According to MTV the song is supposedly “Échame La Culpa” - which translates to “Blame Me.”

For some reason, the collaboration has been very secretive, but Luis Fonsi via Instagram confirmed the information and that the song will drop on November 17 by publishing a photo of a truck with the pair on it. It seems that for Fonsi no caption is needed, and he let the image speak by itself. With short quotes like “Que pasa Demi?” (What’s up Demi) and “Hey Fonsi,” plus the tittle of the song in a small font, it's expected that the words will be included in the lyrics.

There’s no doubt on the hype around both artists , and fans all over the world are expecting to have another record-breaking hit. With messages like “I can’t wait” and “It was about time,” fans rapidly filled the comments section under the post with a positive feedback.

In an exclusive video shared by Billboard, Lovato and Fonsi talk about the song via Facetime, and according to the magazine, it was the first time both met. During the meeting, Luis explains to Demi the concept of the song and gives her confidence with the producers by saying that they're two young geniuses who worked in “Despacito.”

Demi, after saying that she “got chills,” told Fonsi that she will practice a lot. "I'll practice my Spanish,"  but Fonsi trusting in his gut simply replied that he's sure she will nail it. Watch and listen below Fonsi performing the solo version of “Échame La Culpa.”

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