Demi Lovato fired back at a recent report with a headline that focused on her weight. The headline from an article in The Inquisitr reads “Demi Lovato Appears To Have A Fuller Figure After Working Up A Sweat In LA.”

She shared a screenshot of the headline and put it in her own caption. “I AM MORE THAN MY WEIGHT,” she said in all capital letters. The singer then took to Instagram to share with her fans messages about body positivity.

“Unlike the past, I'm not triggered, I'm not upset that someone wrote a headline about my ‘fuller figure,’” she shared in a second post. “I'm angry that people think it's okay to write headlines about people's body shapes. Especially a woman who has been so open about being in recovery from an eating disorder. I'm not upset for myself but for anyone easily influenced by the diet culture,” she added. Lovato clarified that she’s more bothered by the fact that articles like this one still exist.

“Too many people today base their ideal body weight off of what others tell us we should look like or weigh,” Lovato continued on her third post. “Articles like these only contribute to that toxic way of thinking. Don't listen to negative diet culture talk. You are more than a number on a scale, and I am more than a headline about my body shape,” she added.

It turns out that the author of the article reached out after seeing the singer’s criticism of his headline. In her next post, Lovato posted screenshots of her direct messages to the writer, Fabio Magnocavallo. “Thank you for understanding where I’m coming from … let’s create change together,” she wrote. The Inquisitr writer told Lovato that he takes “full responsibility” for making the headline.

“I thank you for your apology,” she wrote back. “Maybe you can write an article about this experience. Taking it down won't take away what's already up there. Unfortunately I had to use this as an example to make a statement about these types of headlines how damaging it is not [only] for me but the readers,” Lovato added.

“I'm really sorry, sincerely,” the writer replied. “You're an incredible talent and you're right, your body is not all you are. This is a lesson learnt,” he added.

“I really respect you for the way you’re receiving this message. Keep writing. Keep doing you. Most importantly use your platform for good,” Lovato replied.

“Firstly, a sincere ‘Thank you’ to Demi Lovato for her grace and patience in our exchange,” Magnocavallo wrote in an update to his original article. “While I wrote this story with the best of intentions, I totally appreciate and understand her perspective on the matter and culture in general and I truly appreciate her taking the time to have a dialogue with me about it. As Demi said to me, ‘our voices are all we have to create the biggest change on this planet,’” he concluded.

Demi Lovato Demi Lovato attends 103.5 KISS FM's Jingle Ball 2017 at Allstate Arena on December 13, 2017, in Rosemont, Illinois. Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for iHeartMedia