A Los Angeles dentist has been arrested Monday after being charged with over a dozen counts of sexual battery by restraint for awfully molesting women patients getting dental care at his clinic between 2012 to 2018.

Emad Fathy Moawad, 50, dentist of Alegria Dental Center at 4214 W. Beverly Blvd., Suite 209, is facing charges of sexual battery by restraint, three counts of sexual penetration by use of force, and a single case of attempted sexual penetration by use of force, the Daily News reported.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón condemned Moawad's actions as most of his patients, as well as most of his victims, come from immigrant and low-income communities that are often too fearful to approach law enforcement to report any incidents. He fears the dentist may have other victims that have yet to surface.

“We are asking other possible victims to come forward and help us keep our community safe,” Gascón added.

The charges follow a lengthy investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department's sex crimes detectives, in cooperation with the department’s West Bureau, the Los Angeles Times noted.

A female patient came forward to report his assault in 2019 and sued Moawad at the L.A. County Superior Count for sexual battery, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. The unnamed plaintiff had reported her complaint to the Los Angeles police.

The lawsuit alleged that the incidents started with the dentist brushing against her breast during a visit on Oct. 5, 2017. The patient then returned for a deep-cleaning treatment on Oct. 30, during which Moawad allegedly slipped his hand inside her shirt and fondled her breasts for a prolonged period of time while the patient was on anesthesia.

The suit mentioned that the victim screamed and informed his dental assistant and secretary about the sexual assault right after. However, the secretary admitted knowing about the dentist's recurring abuses and said she could do nothing about the incident before sending the victim away.

During her last visit in August 2018, the victim had to have her veneers fixed. However, while the woman was under a local anesthetic, Moawad proceeded to slip his hands under her pants and underwear to touch her private parts. The victim managed to resist his advances and fled the room even while she was covered in blood.

In December 2018, disgusted by the doctor's persistent abuses, his dental assistant secretly filmed him while he was inappropriately touching a sedated patient during an operation. The assistant then surrendered the footage to authorities, launching the full-scale investigation.

Moawad shares his clinic with his wife, Katerina Moawad, who is also a practicing dentist. CBS Los Angeles reported that Moawad has been detained and is being held on a nearly $2 million bail.

A Los Angeles dentist has been arrested on Monday for sexually assaulting female patients in his clinic while they were getting treatment between 2013 to 2018. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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