A delivery driver has been sentenced to a four-year prison sentence after he allegedly filmed himself sexually assaulting a two-year-old child in his van and showed the video to other pedophiles to gloat about the act.

Adam Goulden, 37, reportedly met and befriended the child's mother while working as a delivery driver and allegedly offered to take her toddler out on trips while she was busy, but instead, he took to regularly abusing the young girl in his van.

Goulden was caught after he had gloated about the child abuse to another pedophile. The police reportedly found his message on the man’s phone, after the predator was similarly booked, and Goulden was immediately tracked down to his home in South Devon.

Authorities seized from Goulden computers and mobile devices which contained videos of him assaulting the child, DevonLive reported.

Goulden faces four years and four months in prison with a six-year extended license, handed down by Judge Peter Johnson. Goulden has been labeled as a dangerous offender and has been put on the sex offenders’ register for life, the Daily Express reported.

"It is clear you have an abnormal sexual appetite in terms of trying to explore sexual boundaries. I get the clear impression you were using the girl’s mother to get at the child,” Johnson said during the sentencing.

“You were clearly willing to act out your fantasies. You are preoccupied with sex and quite willing to push the boundaries to satisfy your sexual craving. You pose a serious risk of causing serious harm to children,” the judge concluded.

Goulden reportedly admitted to sexually assaulting the child, making and possessing indecent images of children, possession of extreme images, and two counts of possession of cannabis.

Authorities found four videos and 75 still images of him abusing the two-year-old girl dated to Aug. 14, 2019, prosecutor Mary McCarthy said.

The videos allegedly showed the child naked from the waist down and Goulden sexually assaulting her as he tried to keep her calm by talking about her mother. Footage of the horrifying abuse reportedly lasted about 20 minutes.

Goulden’s devices allegedly also had depraved images and videos of other children that he had downloaded from the internet. Additionally, more than 200 images of bestiality, including some showing him perform sexual acts with a dog, were also reportedly recovered from his phone.

Goulden had allegedly been abusing ketamine and explained his offences as mere acts of sexual experimentation.

Adam Goulden
Adam Goulden has been sentenced to a four-year prison sentence after he filmed himself sexually assaulting a two-year-old child in his van and boasted about the act to other pedophiles. Devon and Cornwall Police

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