As the defamation trial of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard continues unto its eighth day, an audio clip was shown as evidence on Monday that reportedly recorded Depp putting out a cigarette on Amber Heard’s skin.

The audio, played to the jurors during Depp’s time at the witness stand, was an attempt by Amber Heard’s counsel to establish that Depp was the one who abused Heard during the relationship, according to the Daily Beast.

“Go put your fucking cigarettes out on someone else!” Heard said on the audio recording. “You fucking have consequences for your actions!”

As Depp spends another day on the witness stand answering the allegations of abuse that both sides have thrown at each other, he has denied burning Heard by putting a cigarette out on her body, the Independent reported.

“I can certainly say, without hesitation, there’s no way under the sun that I would flick a cigarette at her or burn her with a cigarette,” he said. “If I flicked ashes, and ash got on her, but she’s certainly not screaming out in pain as if a cigarette is being put out on her. That’s ludicrous.”

The defamation case has continued to air the couple’s dirty laundry out to the public, with Depp detailing later on that his fights with Heard would get so vicious that he would vomit during them while wondering out loud why Heard would record such conversations.

“It does affect you physically after a while so I would have to leave and go and vomit when fights got into these surreal, absurd, and horrible places,” he said. “It still confounds me as to why she would record that.”

Other audio files and text messages that were provided as evidence for the trial show Depp screaming at Heard, as well as talking negatively about Heard in private conversations with his friends and doctors.

Depp has insisted that he did not abuse Heard, saying that “the only person that I have ever abused in my life is myself.”

By the time that he was allowed to leave the witness stand that day, Depp insisted upon the jury that he was a victim of domestic abuse before returning to where his attorneys sat. One of them reportedly gave Depp a pat on the back when he returned from the stand.

Actor Johnny Depp, taking the witness stand during his defamation trial against Amber Heard, has testified that he did not put out a cigarette on Amber Heard's body and has denied enacting any abusive behavior towards her. EVELYN HOCKSTEIN/Getty Images.

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