Maduro says Karol G sent him a song, her reaction
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MIAMI - In an astonishing move, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro claimed that Colombian pop sensation Karol G sent him a song for his political campaign. During a recent rally in Caracas, he even boasted about learning the dance, humorously suggesting he should be called "Nico G."

Maduro's words inserted a twist into the government's campaign for the July 28th election, in which all polls show him trailing opposition candidate Edmundo González by double digits. If the election results are respected (a big if, as the government has resorted to all kinds of tactics to stay in power) this could mark the end of Chavismo at the helm of Venezuela after more than 20 years.

Karol G's reaction

During a political event in Caracas, Maduro boldly stated: "Karol G sent me a song for the campaign, and we're going to release it soon." He went on to say that he was already practicing the steps while doing a little dance.

"I am known here as the Gallo pinto, the spotted rooster, but abroad, people are calling me Nico G. I don't know why?" he joked.


¿Karol G le envió canción a Maduro para su campaña? Esto dijo el presidente de Venezuela en medio de la promoción de su campaña presidencial, mencionando de paso que al parecer en el exterior lo conocen como "Nicol G" karolg nicolasmaduro tendencia reels famosos celebridades tendencia reels polemica chismeshoy chismescolombia

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This declaration quickly spread across social media, causing a wave of reactions. However, Karol G's representatives quickly addressed the claim, confirming that the singer had not communicated with Maduro and had not sent any songs for his campaign.

"Obviously, this is not true," said La Bichota through her team. "Karol's music has never been used for political purposes or to choose sides in campaigns."

This is not the first time that Nicolás Maduro has mentioned Karol G in his public statements. On June 29, during an event in Puerto La Cruz, Maduro and the governor of Carabobo, Rafael Lacava, danced to the rhythm of the Colombian artist's song "Amargura" in front of a gathering of dozens of people. On that occasion, the president showed an improvised choreography with Karol G's music in the background.

Maduro's conflicts with Latin entertainment stars

Maduro's contentious relationship with the entertainment industry is well-documented. In 2014, renowned Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz was banned from performing in Venezuela after criticizing the government. Similarly, other international artists have faced backlash for their views on Maduro's regime, reflecting a broader trend of suppressing dissent through cultural censorship.

In 2017, Maduro enraged Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee by creating a version of "Despacito" for political purposes.

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