Alejandro Sanz in Viña del Mar
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Alejandro Sanz's performance at the 2024 Viña del Mar Festival in Chile marked a significant moment in the music festival's history. As one of the most anticipated acts in the festival's lineup, Sanz's appearance was his fifth at the event, showcasing his enduring popularity and the strong connection he has with his fans in Latin America.

However, the man with his corazón partío brought more than music to the Quinta Vergara, the venue of the Viña del Mar Festival, the most important music festival in the Spanish speaking world. Sanz also brought hope and empathy, to the point that many in the audience were in tears during his performance.

Who is in Viña del Mar 2024?

The 2024 edition of the Viña del Mar Festival, held from February 25 to March 1 at the Quinta Vergara Amphitheater, drew top talent from around the world. This year, the festival included a mix of artists across various genres, reflecting its diverse appeal. Alongside Sanz, the lineup featured other prominent names such as Anitta, Manuel Turizo, and María Becerra, among others.

Viña del mar 2024 lineup
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The original list of artists included Mexican singer-songwriter Peso Pluma. Some sides of Chilean society were upset that he had been invited to the festival, considering that some of his songs are about the lives of druglords. Viña fought to keep him in the lineup. However, the artist withdrew from the festival last week, citing "personal problems," among an infidelity scandal that provoked his breakup with his now-ex-girlfriend Nicki Nicole.

Alejandro Sanz in Viña del Mar

Sanz's performance was particularly notable, not only for its musical excellence but also for the emotional depth he brought to the stage. His return to Viña del Mar was a nostalgic and powerful experience for both the artist and the audience, as it had been several years since his last appearance at the festival. This gap only seemed to have strengthened the bond between Sanz and his fans, who eagerly anticipated his return, and sang along with him.

Many in the audience had their hands clutched to their chests; others openly cried.

In his fifth appearance at the Viña del Mar Festival, Alejandro Sanz once again proved why he remains a fan favorite. His performance, featuring classics like "Corazón Partío," "Amiga Mía," and "El Alma al Aire," captivated the audience, uniting thousands of voices in a chorus of emotion and nostalgia, creating a magical atmosphere.

Beyond his undeniable musical talent, it was Sanz's heartfelt message that shone brightly. Aware of the difficult times Chile has been facing due to devastating wildfires, he took a moment to express his empathy and solidarity.

"I have felt your pain closely, and let me tell you, nothing can break you. Do not give up on your light, shine, I'll stay close, distances are nonexistent for those who know how to love," Sanz said.

A few days before, the Spanish singer had visited the fire affected areas.

In addition to his musical performance, Sanz's visit to the fire-affected areas in Chile added a layer of compassion and empathy to his trip. His efforts to connect with the local community and understand their challenges were well-received and spoke volumes about his character beyond his musical talents.

The Viña del Mar Festival 2024 started with memorable moments, including the performance of Manuel Turizo, but Alejandro Sanz's performance, marked by emotion, talent, and a message of hope, undoubtedly stands out as one of the most remarkable. Receiving the Gaviota de Oro and Gaviota de Plata Awards (Silver and Gold Seagulls), Sanz not only solidified his status as one of the most beloved artists in Latin America but also as a true friend to Chile in times of need.

The Viña del Mar Festival can be seen with a day delay in the festival YouTube account. In Latin America, it can bee seen in Star+. The festival's significance in Latin American culture and its ability to attract world-class talent like Alejandro Sanz underscore its status as a premier event in the international music scene.

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