Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma breakup
Latin Times/Courtesy Nicki Nicole/Instagram Stories

MIAMI - First came a video showing Peso Pluma at a Las Vegas casino, after the Super Bowl, hand in hand with a woman who is notably not his (ex?) Argentinian singer songwriter Nicki Nicole.

Dressed in a striking black-and-white ensemble, high heels, and a white purse, with her black hair cascading to her waist, the mystery woman became the focal point of heated online speculation. Despite efforts by Peso Pluma's security team to prevent the recording, the clip quickly made its rounds on social media, igniting a firestorm among fans of both artists.

Nicki Nicole, who is currently on tour in Bolivia, took to her Instagram, where she boasts over 19 million followers, and, in a surprising move, deleted all photos of herself and Peso Pluma, including the ones that confirmed their relationship in November 2023 and their presence together at the Grammy Awards 2024.

This act, in the world of celebrity relationships, often speaks louder than words.

Nicki Nicole reacts to the Peso Pluma viral video

Then she released a statement on Instagram. "Respect is a necessary part of love. What you love, you respect. What you respect, you take care of. When you're not taken care of, and when there's no respect... I don't stay there. I leave," the statement began, concluding with a heartfelt revelation, "With much pain, know that I found out the same way you all did, thank you for the love you are sending me."

Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma breakup
Courtesy Nicki Nicole/Instagram Stories/Latin Times

The incident at the casino and the subsequent dinner, where Peso Pluma was seen exchanging smiles and glances with the same woman, added more intrigue to the speculation about the couple's relationship status.

Peso Pluma's silence

Meanwhile, Peso Pluma's Instagram account, followed by over 13 million, still features pictures of the couple.

Prior to the incident, he had shared a video of them kissing with the caption, "Everything is fun with you," to which Nicki Nicole had affectionately responded, "My love," accompanied by heart emojis.

This turn of events has placed both artists in the trending spotlight on social media, leaving fans and the general public eagerly awaiting an official statement from Peso Pluma regarding the compromising situation.

The Mexican artist is nominated for 13 Premio Lo Nuestro. Considering that he is second in nominations after Maluma, his fans were hoping to see him at the TelevisaUnivision Awards, which will take place on February 23 in Miami. Peso Pluma is also slated to appear at the Festival de Viña del Mar at the end of the month. If he doesn't address the issue, somebody is bound to ask him soon. It'll be interesting to hear an explanation.

While the fans wait for his words, here is the video that started it all.

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