Peso Pluma in Argentina and collab with Anitta
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MIAMI - Peso Pluma has unexpectedly canceled a segment of his highly anticipated Latin American tour, in a twist in his personal life and career that has sent ripples through the Latin music world. This decision affects performances in Peru, Paraguay, and, most notably, his scheduled debut at the prestigious Viña del Mar International Music Festival in Chile.

Fans and industry insiders are abuzz with speculation, particularly regarding the timing of these cancellations. They come on the heels of Peso Pluma's widely publicized breakup with Nicki Nicole, stirring rumors about a possible connection between his personal life upheavals and professional decisions.

The irony of the situation is heightened by the announcement that Trueno, another prominent Argentine artist and also an ex of Nicki Nicole, will be taking Peso Pluma's place at Viña del Mar. Another Argentinian star, María Becerra, will be opening the festival instead of the Mexican singer.

This substitution adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to the unfolding narrative, sparking further discussion and speculation among fans.

Peso Pluma's busy Spring plans

Peso Pluma was set to headline major shows at Parque Olímpico in Asunción and Estadio Nacional in Lima, with his Viña del Mar appearance slated for March 1. This festival was not just a performance but a significant milestone in his career, marking his debut at an event celebrated for its international prestige.

His initial inclusion in Viña del Mar's lineup was not without controversy. A local council member had raised concerns over Peso Pluma's lyrics, which often explore themes of organized crime and drug trafficking. Despite this, festival organizers staunchly defended their choice, asserting, "Viña del Mar International Festival will not censure or discriminate."

This firm stance against societal and governmental pressures will likely ad to the shock and disappointment surrounding his sudden withdrawal.

Despite the current setback, Peso Pluma's career continues its upward trajectory. He is slated for high-profile performances at the Rolling Stone's Future of Music showcase at South by Southwest and a headlining spot at the Tecate Pa'l Norte festival.

His Exodo tour, scheduled to traverse North America from May through October, is anticipated to be a landmark event, given his history of sold-out shows and high-profile collaborations.

Not his first tour cancelation

This isn't the first time Peso Pluma has made such a choice. In a previous incident, he was forced to cancel a concert in Tijuana, Mexico, scheduled for October 14, as part of his "Doble P" tour.

This cancellation was due to serious safety concerns arising from death threats he received. The threats were made public when banners were found on major roads in Tijuana, explicitly warning that if Peso Pluma performed in the city, it would be his last performance.

Following these threats, his record label, Doble P Records, made a statement prioritizing the safety of fans and the team, leading to the decision to cancel all his upcoming shows in Mexico. This wasn't an isolated incident, as several stops of his "Doble P" tour across the United States were also affected, either being canceled or postponed.

The reasons behind these concert cancellations weren't explicitly mentioned, but they came amidst a backdrop of increasing violence in the region and the specific threats made against him.

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