Is it true that all might not be well between Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban? The narrative run by “Star” magazine focused on how the actress turned singer was becoming insecure with her singing skills -- so much so, she turned down a recent opportunity to share the stage with singer husband as she allegedly feared comparisons.

The story, which goes with the headline “Nicole Turns Down Duet with Keith” drops a set of sweeping statements. The magazine alleged that the musician was stoked about the possibility of performing with his wife at the Academy of Country Music Awards. But, Kidman clearly had other thoughts and wasn’t willing to budge from her stance.

“Nicole has no confidence in her voice,” said an insider to the outlet, on the condition of anonymity. “It scares her to death to think about singing in front of people who do it for a living,” added the questionable source as per a media report.  The fears however have strained the relationship, as the same source believes that the actress’s unwillingness has frustrated Urban to a great deal.

While the report is juicy enough to pique the interest of readers, there’s little truth to it. First off, Kidman is a polished artiste, who has proven her mettle as both a singer and writer. Not to forget, she has some of the world’s most prestigious awards to her credit -- Emmys, Golden Globes, Academy Awards, and the like.  So, it’s very unlikely for a fine singer (and actor) to develop stage fear or paranoia out of the blue, as she’s been doing it for ages. What’s more, Kidman sang for Taylor Swift early this year and did a prolific job at it.

Social media is flooded with posts that are indicative of Urban and her camaraderie, especially as they perform as a pair. Just for the record, there’s a beautiful video of her singing with Urban from last year that amassed millions of likes from fans and followers.

The only reasonable understanding of the whole report is that Kidman might have turned down the offer as she’s an actor by trade and not the kind to perform at a music award show. But, there’s still no logical understanding as to why that would get her husband miffed.

Golden Globes 2018 Red Carpet Photos: Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman at the Golden Globes 2018. GettyImages