Princess Diana’s divorce from Prince Charles caused a bit of a royal scandal. Problematic in particular are the circumstances under which the two had chosen to separate. Rumors of an affair spread, bringing the controversial topic of cheating up to the forefront.

People are quick to place the blame on Camilla Parker Bowles for getting in the middle of the relationship. However, Prince Philip and the Queen reportedly already held someone accountable for the divorce.

The Prince of Wales was emotionally attached to Camilla but married Diana regardless. Charles was pressured by his father, being faced with a choice of abdicating the throne and being with Camilla or keeping the throne and marrying Diana. Charles unfortunately wanted both Camilla and the Crown, inadvertently blaming Prince Philip for pressuring him into a marriage he did not want to be in.

“I desperately wanted to get out of the wedding. When during the engagement I discovered just how awful the prospects were having had no chance whatsoever to get to know Diana beforehand,” Charles reportedly said.

Princess Diana wanted desperately to fit in but had a difficult time in doing so. Not only did she feel alienated by the family, but she also had no solace in her husband, who was in love with another woman. “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” Diana famously said.

She would later reveal that she too had been unfaithful to Charles. And keeping the marriage had been too difficult for her.

Contrary to popular belief, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip did not blame Diana for the divorce. Experts believe that the Queen had Charles to blame for his failed marriage.

“It would be a great mistake to say she [the Queen] blamed Diana for what went wrong,” said royal expert Robert Lacey. “If anything, I believe, that she and her husband Prince Philip put more of the blame on Prince Charles, and Prince Charles of course, as we since discovered, was already committed emotionally to another woman.”

Despite this, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen repeatedly tried to patch the couple’s relationship. The Queen had been reported to have listened and consoled her daughter-in-law multiple times during the duration of the marriage. Prince Philip had also been known to send letters to both sides, offering any aid to fix the marital issues.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their last official trip together - a visit to the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images