Another severed leg was discovered at the conveyor belt of a sewage facility in the Bronx in New York on Wednesday, the second time in over a day that a dismembered limb was found at the facility, with local authorities investigating the possible source of the human body parts.

The severed leg was found on Wednesday at the Bronx Department of Environmental Protection plant over a day after a different dismembered leg was found in the facility. Investigators are unsure as to whether these legs, which appeared to come from a newborn baby, are from the same body or from different, separate remains, according to the Daily Beast.

The appendages went through an area where recyclable material is filtered from the regular waste. The first appendage that was found is described as a left leg severed “from the knee down with the foot attached;” while the second appendage was also a leg, it is unclear how much of the leg was attached.

Workers from the plant immediately shut down the sewage factory and called the police.

Officers investigating do not know if the body parts were dumped at the facility on their own or if they were flushed or traveled through the sewage system. The plant from which it was found on serves a 10-zip code section of the Bronx that has 700,000 homes in it, with over 200 million gallons of waste processed there every year, the New York Post reported.

As the investigation continues, a medical examiner has determined that the remains are human in nature, while a forensic anthropologist has been hired by the police in order to investigate where the remains could have originated from, ABC 7 reported.

“It's unbelievable,” seafood warehouse worker Efraim Basom said. “It's starting to be scary in this area.”

Similar incidents have happened in the past where body parts were found in a sewage plant, including an incident in Boston in 2006 where a 6-inch infant’s arm was found, with the police hypothesizing at the time that it came from a late-stage stillborn fetus. The case remains unsolved.

Another severed leg believed to be from a baby was found in a sewage facility in New York on Wednesday, as the investigation into the source of the dismembered human remains continues. This is a representational image. Ignacio Campo/Unsplash.

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